Preparing for Home:

4th June 2021

Firstly, it’s all eyes on Isreal as the new government begins to form. Dont count Netanyahu out just yet? It still is early days, so we wait with an anxious breath!

At great speed, the world stage is changing. It is forming fast into its perfectly predicted prophetic pattern. Tragically most can’t see it! Those that can are in disbelief or surrender to it all.Then there are those who are in love with this world and just want it all to return to normal! But here is not the right place to make your home.

Are these days leading to Israel recognising their Messiah? Are these days leading to Israel in dispersion being called home? Are these days leading to leading to the home coming of the church? You bet they are!

Young evangelicals are now siding with Israel’s enemies – said a recent report.

Be careful America. Once you have caused the Jews to flee, your destruction will be imminent. In many ways Jews in a nation are a sign of God’s favour on the land.

I just read a very interesting article by Re Bochner, (Times of Israel) entitled: “America is over. I’m moving to Israel.” She fears another Holocaust coming, this time with American involvement. I can’t believe I’m writing these words, but this is the way things are going so soon after the new White House office.

Bear in mind that the church is “called out of the world”, and now we see Israel being called out of the world too.

What to me is interesting is the speed anti-Semitism is spreading around the world. It as if an unseen force is work behind it all.

One of the reasons for the homecoming of the Jews to the land of Israel is now becoming clear, as anti-Semitism spreads like wildfire around the world. It is to prevent the Jews in dispersion from falling victim to full assimilation into the nations with their worsening evil.

In the era the before War War 11 broke out, the very few Germans thought it world it the end up like it is did. The reason: They couldn’t see the spiritually forces at work. This is where is where we are today. It is all coming around again.

But you with the Spirit of God as your guide, need not be dragged in to it all. You have a far greater destiny laid up for you. That is where to set your sights. That is where your reward is.

A pre-trib rapture proof:

save diamond

When the lord returns to the earth at the end of the tribulation period, He returns with his bride who is seen already rewarded. (Revelation 19:8) This reward is given to those that are his own, and it must therefore take place between the rapture and the Second Coming.

The most wonderful thing ever and the most terrifying ever, is to know without a doubt that you will live after death!

The other important thing to notice here is that is it only for those that that are his. So, all those who believe that are Christians, because they are not are not Muslim or Jews and went to church once in the lives, are clearly are not.

Here is another thing to bear in mind: The purpose of the Bema seat judgment, where true believers will appear before the Lord for rewards is also to make a public spectacle of them!

“Every man’s work shall be made manifest” This relates to reward received and reward lost. This is the same word used by Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:10-13 “For that day shall declare because it shall be declared by fire it and test what sort it is.”

Note also that the judgement of the believer works is not based on how good you thought your work was. It is based on that which is destructible and that with is not, by the test of God’s fire.

It is from here that true believer go on the glorious marriage supper of the Lamb, already rewarded, which can only take place in place in heaven.

This marriage supper will be the greatest ever reunion of all saints ever. It will be the greatest time of discovery every. You will be sitting with so many you never expected to see there.