Peace in the world

April 16th 2021

Firstly, keep a keen eye on Russia, Iran, China and the other Ezekiel ducks lining up.

TPS is now a spiritual experience of relevant biblical truth centring on Bible prophecy and where we are today. This new website is clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate through. it is optimised for any screen size. I have increased the font size as well (of all new material). But it is also a visual experience. I now have the liberty to use my picture, and image creations in a larger size. Again, this is only the new material.

All the “Editions by Subject” in the menu are now hyperlinked to the relevant edition.

The small "Prophetic Scroll" logo at the top of each page is the home button.

I will still be making some new changes and additions to the website. Podcasts / audio editions using YouTube are now gone, due to too many problems and conflicts with the website. New audio presentations may come soon.

The little geographic distribution map (with the dots, at the bottom of the pages), shows where readers and groups of TPS readers are located. One dot in a big city represents hundreds of thousands of visitors. But one dot in a little Island would represent just the few readers there.

For example: There are two dots in the big white area at the top of Africa. That is the Sahara Desert. So those two dots would be Ahab the Arab on his Wi-Fi enabled camel named Ali, and his auntie Amah traipsing behind (on foot) with her Wi-Fi gadget in her turban, that picks up TPS in the desert sands. Bless you two!

The centre of Australia hasn’t gone dotty yet, but that’s because that’s where the great Outback is, inhabited only by flies and other strange Aussie animals. There are also none in the Amazon Jungle, South America. That’s because those who can read, are trying to escape the head-hunters. There are also none in the extreme Polar Regions. That’s because their eyes keep freezing up.

It is encouraging to see a lot of growth of the gospel and this website in many of the Muslim nations, the Middle East, Israel, India, China and other odd places.

The map is still live, but I have removed the animation because it interferes with the large, in depth statistics from my service provider.

So, the command of God is to take the gospel to all the nations. Are we doing it? Yes - little by little, but soon there will be a flood of searching people.

Peace in the world:

If the world wants peace and the kingdom of God is peace, why does the world hate it? It is because they are liars. They don’t want peace. That is only the mask! Their god in them wants to destroy God and His kingdom, because the world is not just the world. It is one of the devil’s homes.

God is calling you to peace now. His trumpets and shofars are sounding and blowing warnings of destruction to the world - to those who have ears. Most have their spiritual ears and eyes behind a thick veil. The shofar is calling: Deep calls unto deep.” Can you hear it?

shofar tallit flow

You can and must live in peace even in this crazy world, by setting your heart fully on the Lord and the things above. You can also live in peace in the world this way, which I would strongly advise against:

Get rid of your God-given value system, your virtues, your absolutes, your morality and you humility. Get rid of your hope in the Lord’s soon coming. Throw out your Bible. Leave your God-fearing church. Listen to and obey the mass media. Have no fear of God and hell. Find friends and peers who are also the scum of the earth. Find your life in the world.

As a friend of the world, and its sin-filled ‘peace’, you have a very short time left. As the shofar emerges with its shattering, holy cry, from behind the veil – you will see that you have chosen terror and destruction instead of the peace of God.

The grand “I told you so” is now working out before our eyes as the world descends into its self-induced chaos. The problem though is that it is a lot more than half the world who are descending into hell, and no U-turns are allowed.

You can’t live in peace without the Prince of Peace at work in you – impossible! The world’s ‘peace’ is a shallow short-lived deception.

Today we are seeing a dangerous worldwide call and move amongst many governments for social, political and economic equality, believing that it is the way to world peace! It is all designed by the devil to weaken, the true church.

It is, in fact a drive for equality between sin and righteousness, the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of God. That of course always sees righteousness leave the room, and guess what you have left?

Part of the devil’s strategy is to remove or water down sin, making it acceptable to the masses.

Know this: ●There are human rights that are of God. ●There are human rights of the devil.

Human rights of God respect rights within and under the guiding principles of the Bible. Human rights of the devil, respect the rights of all manner of sinners, criminals, lawbreakers, and co-workers with Satan all in the name of democracy.

Human rights have been hijacked. They are now Satan’s rights in defiance of God’s rights.

The Bible says, of these end-times; “Truth has fallen in the streets.” (Isaiah 59:14)

But with it, godless democracy has fallen in streets, in the name of godless equality.

God discriminates between those who are saved and those who are not. He has made us equal in the sin of Adam, and needing a Saviour. Believers are now equal in their foundation which is Messiah and the new-birth. All others are not equal – being on the other side of the “impassable gulf.” (Luke 16:26)

Most people today have as their spiritual father and leader, the current world and its fallen heroes. They are truly blind to their position and destiny in their fearlessness.

The fear of the Lord never argues with God or doubts Him. It elevates respects and obeys God in awe and reverence.

Tragically so much of the church is going off the rails, especially the Spirit-less denominational churches. I could tell you many horror stories.

A recent study shows there are more witches in the US than there are members of the Presbyterian church in the US. Does that make the witches right? It makes the witches wrong and the Presbyterians wrong and fills hell even more with them both!

But all is not lost! Bear in mind that the more wobbly the world becomes the more many people will look for something to grab hold of to save and stabilise them.

Greater troubles are coming, great revival is coming. Don’t get overbalanced in one and lose sight of the other.

Many people need to be delivered from being happy with mediocrity and superficiality in their walk with our Lord.

Psalm 119:53 “Horror has taken hold of me because of the wicked who forsake your word.”

Psalm 119:165 “Great peace have those who love your word and nothing causes them to be offended.”

Are you ready to step into eternity? Very few are!

This is the greatest story ever told, and it is still being told with great fervour.