April 2nd 2021

Shabbat Shalom to all!

Called and chosen:

Why are we here? Because we are called and chosen to do a kingdom job and do it well. That alone gives us purpose in a deteriorating world.

2 Timothy 1:9 “God has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works...”

Note from the verse above, that if you are saved, you are called and that calling is holy.

Amazingly we were called before the foundation of the earth. That is when God saw us. (Ephesians 1:4, 1 Peter 1:20.)

When you realise that God knew you and called you to a holy purpose, before the foundation of the world, you rise in up in true importance. (Not self importance) You see that you are highly valuable.

But calling is not choosing. God calls, then He chooses those whom He will.

What is most important to understand is that God’s calling and choosing on your life is not because you want to be called, or because you have great talents, or because of how great a Christian you are. It is all about God’s foreknowledge of you and your choices in the future.

Yeshua chose His disciples knowing beforehand that they would ultimately fulfil His purpose. Even Judas was chosen for a role that our Lord knew he would fulfil.

It is our job to respond to that holy call in holiness.

How we respond to God’s call depends on our being chosen. Not all who are called get chosen!

God’s call on Israel:

Exodus 19:5 “If you will obey My voice and keep My Covenant (word) , then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for all the earth is mine.”

God’s call on Israel was ‘wrong’! The Jews missed it, and never heard it, and all the world’s people rejoiced and said to God, “told you so!”  All the world churches of replacement theology still condemn God for calling the Jews. “Doesn’t God know that the church is the chosen people?”

The Catholic popes even tried to help God fix His ‘wrong’ choice by murdering and torturing millions of Jews in the Inquisitions.

Today, God’s call on Israel is being silenced by the call of the devil in its hero’s like John Lennon: “Imagine there’s no heaven it’s easy if you try no hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine there’s no countries...no religion too...all the people living life in peace.”

gold themes shofar pots2

The world wants Israel as its own.

That’s the call of the world – come together in unity, peace and equality, within a world of entrenched sin as its nourishment!

But God’s call reveals and exposes idiots.

The world’s idiots say God’s call on Israel was wrong because it failed. But this verse below, which is about the Jews, is shocking:

Romans 11:29 “God’s gifts and calling (Context – to Israel) are irrevocable.”

God’s call upon Israel stands and remains, even in their rebellion. The same principle applies to repentant believers and all prodigals.

The two verses below relate to Israel and the church.

Romans 8:29 “Whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His son...”

2 Peter 1:10 “Let us strive to make our calling and election sure, for if you do these things you will never stumble.”

Called but not chosen:

Matthew 22:14 “Many are called but few are chosen:

Isaiah 66:4 “I will chose their delusions, and bring their fears upon them, because when I called no one answered, when I spoke they did not hear, but they were evil before My eyes, and chose that in which I do not delight.”

To be called and not chosen must be a terrible thing, because it means you have chosen the unholy call of the world while rejecting God’s holy call.

The main condition of being chosen is discipleship. Our Lord said, no one is worthy of being His disciple unless he takes up his cross and follows Him. (Luke 9:23)

God’s call goes out to many, but few respond appropriately. That’s not God’s fault! It’s the same things as, “God so loved the world that He sent His only Son to die for the world.” (John 3:16) But not all people respond to that, and they remain unsaved cementing their doom in the condemnation to hell, two verses later. (John 3:18)

We are in the era of Jezebel, in and out of the church and the era of; ‘me, myself and I’, we are in the ‘me now’ generation and the thankless, heartless generation.

The problem is that Christians who know nothing of the application the cross, transpose that sort of cross-less, sin-filled way into the church. Their calling is not followed through with preparation.

Israel, without Satan and with God, will succeed in the Millennium and create a great world of peace. But God has already placed His kingdom of peace and victory in the hearts of believers. We are already a kingdom of priests in peace and victory.

If you are suffering from anxiety and stress relating to these times, you have not yet applied the cross and appropriated the exchange made at the cross. You have not yet seen that you are from another world!

Wouldn’t you like to do a job that you are called to do – perfectly, and for the boss to say – “well done?”  Wouldn’t you like to be perfect in all areas – all the time, without even trying? My fine friends, that’s just what’s coming to all true believers!

Don’t get sidetracked by the ways of the world.

Christianity is not a self-esteem program, or your own personal health spa. It is not your “better life now” instruction book, even though it has so many verses that fit that agenda.

You don’t use the Bible, or the Holy Spirit or the things of the kingdom of God for your own ends. You deny yourself, take up your cross daily, die to the world and its ways and follow our Lord.

You don’t use God; you let Him use you after He has broken you! That’s the big difference between the right way and the wrong way.

2 Corinthians 3:18 “We all with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image, from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.”

Ephesians 2:10 We are God’s workmanship created in Messiah Yeshua for good works, which God prepared beforehand (Before the foundation of earth), that we should walk in them.”

The word “workmanship” above is Strong’s G4161 “Poiema” from which the word “Poem” is derived. It means you are God’s living walking poem!

Amazingly and wonderfully there will be no stupid people after resurrection. That will fix stupid forever. (I can’t wait)

Biblical truth is the most motivational thing on this planet (and others)

(Oh yes, the frogs are coming – stay tuned!)