The walls of Jerusalem

Poetry is not really my thing. But I do recall lots of poetic thoughts as I walked around the streets of Jerusalem some time ago. I was awe struck not by where our Messiah walked, but the thrilling thought of where He will walk. The dusty streets, stones and walls became the subject of some paintings I did later. But I’m now going to wax lyrical. I’ve put together a painting of words – for your benefit.

Ancient stones are whispering silent soliloquies, among the sun-burnt walls. Corner-stones of spiritual stability and strength, still stand secure, riddled with holes of the ancient hatred’s bullets, and stained with dried blood of ages past, and present times too.

These stones of Jerusalem’s protection are stones of separation – holy, immovable stones, seemingly dead, but breathing life of living history. The moss-dripping masonry are milestones, with living, green twigs in crags - walls of ruined relics, written into eternity’s word.

Listen to the stones; put your ear to the walls of wisdom. Do you hear the cries of the dead? Do you hear the shrieks of celebration? Do you hear the rocks, the great carved boulders, and the pebbles, anointed with glorious and fearful prophecy?

The scarred stones of poetic justice are again announcing judgement soon to fall. The ancient stones are echoing the warnings of God. No other city-stones speak thus.   

Sin's offering, the offspring of evil, will soon yield frightful fruit: Fear, horror, terror and panic. Even the beautiful aged stones of Jerusalem will shiver and shake under earth’s soon quaking!  

Yet the calm, confident, contentment of fearless holiness, and eternal beauty will stand secure amongst the strain and stress of destruction's dread.

Sin’s eternal separation from the victory and glory-producing suffering of Calvary will soon be the shock of all shocks to the sin-filled world of self-worship.

Do you see the lion on the wall? Do you hear the eternal Lion, and His severe message? Do you hear God’s trumpets under His Lion’s feet and in His roar?

Can you distinguish between the Lion of God and the roaring counterfeit lion frightening only the spiritually frightened and fragile?  

Sound the trumpet! Sound the glistening terrible trumpet. Sound the trumpet of ingathering. Sound the trumpet of great victory! The world’s blinded ears see nothing – fools of tragic fools - deceived in the midst of God’s shining love – rejected!

Sound the trumpet! Sound David’s harp, and raise the golden sword of glorious victory!

The sword of Satan has pierced the Shepherd, but soon the Shepherd’s sword shall strike the roaring serpent and the people will scatter to a certain hell, with all the sin-filled nations drowning in their doomed sin. Babylon’s man-made, imposter-made,confused bricks of mortar will be no more.

Sound the trumpet. Raise the alarm, raise the sword of glory, and roar, Lion of Judah - roar! Awaken your people from fateful slumber, to their coming Lamb.

The stonework of the stonemasons of Jerusalem speaks of salvation past, present, and soon to come. The stones of Jerusalem contain a living message, a message of life, eternal life, freely given but of utmost cost and glorious value.

But you must bow your speak to the speak of these sculptured, weathered  virtues. You must fall on your face in the dust before the message of these rocks of ages. As you do, salvation speaks, and soon shouts, lighting the core of your life with unquenchable, immortal fire – the fire of God!

These old speaking stones sing a new song of stern severity, of great gravity. They are sharp, hard stones, but soft and gentle to His own. They are stones of solid prophecy. They will fall on and crush the nations. They speak of things to come, and very soon too.

As we see the spectacular, dramatic, majestic message of the walls of Jerusalem, Let’s take a glimpse into the exclusive, holy, eternity of eternities:

There will be stones of pure silver, streets of glorious gold. All around, imbedded in gates and walls, always open, will be unimaginable jewels. They will be jasper, sapphire, emerald, pearls, topaz, beryl, amethyst, rubies diamonds, and more.

There will be no sun or moon - the light of God’s glory will be everywhere, forever – always.

There will be the tree of life, next to crystal rivers, each tree yielding fruit once a month and there shall be no more curse! Lions shall be your friends.

The army of the Lord will now be the bride of Messiah, bedecked in righteousness, with incorruptible crowns of untarnished magnificence, ready - forever and ever.

Isaiah 9:7 “Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end...”

The Lion of lions, the Lamb of God, the sword of pure peace, will be our very comfort and eternal grace. Stones once silent, will serenade and sing with a song of songs and a descant that will reverberate through the universe.

Are you ready for the great grandeur - the glory to come?