The Nibiru Deception

The Great Nibiru deception:

The word “Nibiru” comes from the ancient Akkadian language and it means “The crossing, transition point.” In ancient history it was the common name for the planet Jupiter and no other.

Planet Nibiru is also called Planet X, and Planet Nine. It is presumed to be a large planet in a very large irregular orbit. According to Satan’s servants, it is going to strike the earth soon.

Some predicted with “100% certainty” that it would strike the earth in 2003 and others said July 2012! Other poor, deceived, gullible, liars responding to fake news websites have claimed that NASA knows about it and is covering up the whole story. They claim that Nibiru is now going to hit the earth this month (December 2016). Some claim other future dates.

Only insane liars with cell-phone cameras have been able to “find” and “identify” Nibiru! No bone fide, trustworthy, reputable amateur or professional astronomer, or government observatory has ever been able to find any trace of it.

Here is a video clip of how you too can deceive everyone by creating your Nibiru with your spectacular, all-seeing, rubbish cell-phone camera. This way you can join the lunatic fringe and spread the deception far and wide as well. (There are many other similar videos) Click HERE.

Bear in mind that every space-body, be it an asteroid, planet or star has its own unique radio frequency or signature, just like a finger print, which can be identified by radio-telescopes. So even if the object can’t be seen through a normal optical telescope it can be identified by radio-telescope.

If you are going to claim that this planet is going to hit the earth or come anyway near us, at a particular time, you simply have to have the trajectory and the speed of the object.

You CAN’T send someone in a rocket to the moon if you don’t know the moon’s trajectory, and speed, and your vehicle’s speed. That is elementary grade 0.

All these stupid, deceived Nibiru hunters seem to have forgotten that, proving just how ignorant they are.

Origins are important: In 1976 a man named Zachria Sitchin claimed that an unearthed Sumerian tablet spoke of this planet. He claimed that Nibiru first came softly to the earth 450,000 years ago and offloaded a bunch of technologically advanced little green men called Anunnaki’s, who then evolved into humans! Sitchin predicted that Nibiru would come to earth again in the year 2900! (Yes correct)

Now we have a God-denier named Nancy Lieder, an alien contactee with the so-called ability to hear messages from extra-terrestrials. She predicted that Nibiru would hit the earth in 2003. It didn’t so she moved her date forward to 2012 to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar.

Since then hordes of Internet fools empowered by deceiving spirits have jumped onto the sorry bandwagon headed for outer darkness just like Santa in his open sleigh.

Enter Google Sky and the missing blank rectangular spots.

Our very clever, deceived, conspiracy theorists now come up with the presumption that NASA is trying to hide Nibiru by blanking out a spot in a photographic image which makes up their overall night-sky image. Well it is Google Sky that has these blanked out spots and Google has nothing to do with NASA. Other software programs like Sky Search have no blanked out spot in this same area, so you can see what is missing in Google Sky.

Surprise, surprise, there is nothing out of the ordinary in the Google Sky blanked out spot besides normal distant stars, as can be seen in Sky Search.

Goole itself has explained the blank spots, of which there are many. They are simply areas where the software programs were unable to fully “stitch” the many images together used to create the large, single end result. This is because the original images were two-dimensional and flat and then loaded onto a round 3D final source. This is why there are missing spots.

It’s like trying to cover a ball with a flat cloth. You end up with creases.

There is no conspiracy here except in the lunatic minds of the uneducated or deceived followers of Nibiru. You can see more at “Nut with a theory” HERE

You also have to wonder just why NASA, in cahoots with Google would try to hide Nibiru. That would backfire on them, because of all the other astronomers out there, who would find it. NASA never hid other close calls by asteroids. So why would they shoot themselves in the foot?

By now Nibiru should have hit the earth or at least be at our galactic back-door, easy to find and identify.

Nibiru is out of sight and can’t be found (except by dung-heads with cell phones cameras) because it does not exist. Of course it does exist right in the forefront of the minds of the gullible, the deceived, the deceivers, the liars, fakes, flakes and frauds. It exists in their minds because they want to believe the deception and reject the truth.

The Bible does talk about meteors and asteroids (plural) hitting the earth in the second half of the tribulation period – not before. Some will be big and cause much damage. None are called a planet, and none are called Nibiru , Planet X, or have any name associated with them. The use of the word "wormwood" in the Bible, describes some sort of destructive fall-out from one of these earth-strikes in the Revelation, but as said, only well into the tribulation period.

Of course you must understand that those who continue in this great deception are simply adding to the fake-news flood and cheapening the internet, making it more and more unreliable and discrediting themselves.

The problem is not the deception of Nibiru. It is that it is the crossing point into many other deceptions. It opens you up to all sorts of errors.

Ignorance and arrogance are the backbone of the gullible.

Bear in mind that all of the great deceptions out there especially on YouTube and the like, have the sale of books or advertising associated with them. Deception is a very profitable business, because ignorance is a very fertile ground for deception to grow in.

The need for repentance is always before us. The problem is that many people are so entrenched in deception that they won’t repent. As a result, they are always the ones who get led from deception to ever greater deception. My friends, these things are not static. Error always advances unless its power is broken, and then all is well.

I feel very sorry for Christians in these days going forward who are missing the needed gifts of the spirit to discern and identify these things and block them from advancing into your life.

Shalom Joel.