"Deep calls unto deep"

The links below include some of the most enlightening and profoundly important resources for those who care to study and eternally enrich their lives. These are resources of the best teaching material you will ever find! These collections have nothing to do with eschatology or Bible prophecy, (except for Derek Prince who does go into eschatology as well) but relate to your inner being, your heart and soul. After all, what use is knowledge of eschatology or anything else if your heart is rotten?

If you did nothing but study the deep material contained below, you would be spiritually well prepared to stand strong and secure in the face of the coming end- time onslaught of deception and false teaching. You would also be positively affected by the spirit of these disciples of our Lord!  Derek Prince died some years ago, but his material is is still highly sought after. In fact it is even more relevant and appropriate to the world today. Here you will find radio broadcasts, books, audio and video teachings and much more. There are very very few teachers and preachers like this around today! Charles Finney had perhaps the most significant ministry since that of Paul the apostle. His ministry was in the late 1800's but if it was relevant to his day, it is even more so to the world today. Here you will find the life works of Charles Finney. Some are in their original format and some have been slightly simplified for today's reader. This wonderful true martyr Watchman Nee conducted his ministry in China in the early 1900's He was imprisoned for his faith in 1952 and tortured to death in prison. All but one of his many books are transcripts smuggled out of prison, written up and printed secretly. He was a man of incredible suffering. The material is deeply profound and life changing, but will not tickle your ego one little bit!  A.W. Tozer had one of the most profound ministries since the early church days. He lived from 1897 to 1963 His many books and teachings are available here. If you are in love with this present world, I dare you to read just one of these books. You will be shocked!