Week April 13 to 20

  • Iran’s nuclear capabilities only temporarily setback by Natanz explosion – now being called bombing.
  • Vaccination “passports” becoming more popular as millions refuse the jab. Many who have had the jab have become sick and some re-infected.
  • Nikki Haley to run for US President in 2024, but not if Trump runs. She will then back him.
  • We are seeing the formation of a huge economic bubble as asset prices hit repeated new highs in an every-increasing upward trend. But this has been caused not by underlying growth, but by massive quantitative easing and rates being cut, sending US national debt soaring. Inflation has been low keeping the sun shining. But all of things can explode very quickly as we have seen before. All this as Biden tries to raise taxes in the US to crippling levels. Bubbles have a tendency to pop!