Edition 580 June 29th 2021: “They are without excuse”: Introduction: Romans 1:20 “Since the creation of the world His

Edition 579 June 22nd 2021: The Sceptre of wickedness: Introduction: Psalm 125:3 “The sceptre of wickedness shall not rest

Edition 578 June 15th 2021: What are the now signs? Introduction: In this edition I am going to

June 8th 2021: Casting Down Scripture: Introduction: Isaiah 59:14 “Justice is turned back and righteousness stands afar off; for truth

June 1st 2021: Great Revelation: Introduction: Let’s define our terms: The word “revelation” means “unveiling.” In the

May 25th 2021: Feast of Trumpets Rapture Introduction: Some Christian teachers believe the rapture will take place

May 18th 2021: Salvation of the Jews: Introduction: Romans 11:15 “If their (Jews) being cast away is

May 10th 2021: Identifying watchmen: Introduction: The office of the watchman is related to prophecy. It has

May 4th 2021: Identifying UFO’s: Introduction: For those of you who think I have lost my marbles, have

April 27th 2021: When Lord, when are you coming to take us home? Introduction: O, Lord, how

April 20th 2021: The greatest book ever written: Introduction: The greatest drama of all time is revealed

April 13th 2021: Messiah revealed to Israel. Introduction: The Messiah has been revealed to Israel, but Israel