● American Christians are falling away from the truth at an incredible rate. The article below in non-Christian Newsweek is horrifying indeed. Amazingly this warning is not being preached in any churches today and yet they are the subject. Most are asleep! But this is not only the case in the US it's worldwide


"The historic foundation of America's religious culture is cracking" says Newsweek. Two thirds of American Christians now believe that the US is no longer a Christian nation. The same number now believes that Christians are losing their influence in society.

58% of American Christians now believe that there are many ways to God and all other religions are equally valid.

Obama has made various hints that he is not a Muslim and is a Christian. His recent visit to the Pope is one of these. But what does he believe? The Chicago Sun reports that Obama is a Christian, but  then adds "I believe that there are many paths to the higher power"

Stephen Strang of Charisma magazine wrote after meeting with Obama last month "He is a universalist for sure" "He believes that everyone will be saved"

This is the view of Oprah and sharply increasing numbers of Christians. Here is what Oprah believes as reported in many media (Interview on You Tube) and

"No belief is required". "The man on the cross is an archetypal image, he is every man and every woman, there are many paths and many ways to God."

Churches in Britain are falling away from the truth at an alarming rate declares many publications. Old Anglican church buildings are increasingly being sold or rented out for rave party venues, bottle stores and the like. This is according to their own in house publication.

I have just researched the subject of the decline of Christianity and read many publications dealing with the same thing all around the world. I must say that I feel quite sick just reading it. Some of it is so bad I will not even write the words!

The truth will set you free declares the Bible. I wish to declare that seeking, finding and being in the truth is deeply satisfying, restful, fulfilling and brings oceans of peace and ends all stress.

Obama and Oprah are leaders of the great apostasy!

Oprah is a monumental deceiver. There are dozens of portions of scripture making it very clear that Jesus is the only way and only path to salvation. The one enormous bottom line is that if there are any other ways, then the cross of Christ was irrelevant and meaningless as was His shed blood.

Both of the links above have many other links within them to other similar satanic views by this queen of hell.

Oprah and Obama have the same religion...born in hell and destined for hell. Don't be deceived by the idea that being good without being born again of the Spirit of God can get you to heaven. That's pure humanism. The great tragedy is that the great apostasy of the church is starting to gather momentum right now.

Imagine the shocking catastrophe of stepping into eternity and then finding out that the Bible is true and it was right before your eyes in life and you rejected it!

It's vitally important to know where we are on the prophetic map.

Two of the great prophetic events to occur just before the coming of the Lord are the subject of this edition. One is the great apostasy of the church and the other the coming salvation of the Jews en masse.

There are many portions of prophetic scripture painting a horrific and tragic near future for much of the church. If you have any interest or concern for your eternal future please take these deadly serious warnings to heart now.

The Christian culture of the US is now post-Christian. As goes the spiritual so goes the natural. Is it any wonder that many American Christians now believe that they have lost the battle over many issues like abortion, same sex marriage etc.

Many churches are growing in numbers around the world, but at the same time many of these are growing in dangerous deception. They have moved so far away from the truth that they would not even recognise it!

The Bible paints the picture of the condition of the world and the church just before the coming of the Lord very clearly indeed. Let's have a look at a few of these dire warnings.

Perhaps the most important verse of scripture relating to current time period is found in Isaiah 59:14 which declares "Truth is cast down in the truth fails"


When we become weak spiritually and cast down truth, we open the door for all sorts of satanic advances. Is it any wonder that the great apostasy of the church and within the church is directly associated with the revealing of the antichrist and start of the tribulation period!

Here are some shocking truths...ignore them at your peril!

2Thes 2:3 "Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away (apostasy) comes first and the man of sin be revealed the son of perdition."

1Tim 4:1 "The Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons" Verse 3 goes on "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine and with itching ears they will heap up for themselves teachers and turn from the truth."

2Thes 2:10 "Because they did not receive the love of the truth, God sent them strong delusion so that they would believe the lie!"

Matt 24:12 "The love of many will grow cold" (This is one of our Lord's warnings relating to the time period of His second coming)

Romans 11 Warns that God will "cut off" the gentile church if they come against His plan to re-graft the Jews back into salvation

The Revelation of Jesus Christ paints a picture of the church from its foundation to its end. The letters to the seven churches are very revealing indeed. Of the seven there are two that relate to this article. The church of Philadelphia is the church that goes from strength to strength. It is the church that "kept My word" On the other hand the church of Laodicea is the church that our Lord says he will "spit out of His mouth". This is the lukewarm church! And it is lukewarm to TRUTH that is the problem!

There are many other portions of scripture dealing with the same issue. What is important to note is that in the time period just before the coming of our Lord a large part of the church will "fall away" be in "apostasy", will "grow cold", will become "lukewarm" and "spat out" and will be "deceived" by numerous false teachers. Some will "depart from the faith" and many will be "deluded" and those that adhere to replacement theology will be "cut off"

There are two verses above that are so very important: The truth cast down or receive the love of the truth! Both have monumental consequences! TRUTH is the main thing, it must not be rejected, interfered with and become relative. Truth must be interpreted to your heart and mind by the author, the Holy Spirit and not the letter of the word.

The tragedy of our time is that there is a great apostasy just getting started now of the church and within the church, from the truth.

Let me make it very clear. God will not allow all of the church to fall away. There has always been and always will be a remnant of believers who will believe Gods word and stay true to Him. These will grow in glory, love, peace and joy as The Day approaches.

There is one all-important way to know the truth. Obviously study is involved, but it's the application of the cross that does it. As I die to self, so Christ lives and Christ has got it all! Less of me and more of Him is the way to absolute safety and security.

Much of the church has and is standing in the way of God's glorious new work in bringing the Jews to salvation. Lets bear in mind that the order as revealed in the Bible is "to the Jew first and then the Gentiles"

It is God Himself who is doing this new work. Church be warned...don't come against what God is doing. If He is stripping out the occult traditions like Christmas, Easter and the like, which all come straight from Babylonian occult worship...then I say "glory to God" We all like to say that God will come for a purified church, but many don't want to forsake their traditions!

More to come on this subject.


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