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The Coming Holocaust

The Coming Holocaust
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23 April 2015

This is a most important book in
these days.

This will be the greatest drama
of all time...enough to put a thousand Shakespeare’s to shame!

Like a giant fence rising higher
and higher, it will be the very issue of separation and division between the
eternal purposes of the living God and the short-term doomed purposes of Satan
himself. You will go with one or the other, believe it or like it or not!

The central issues of this book
revolve around fallen man’s attempt to create a perfect world of peace and the
perceived obstacle to that peace being the Jewish people.

The imagery in this book is very
powerful as well.

I’ve looked at the root meanings
of Holocaust and delved into the root meanings of many other words that will
shock you.

I’ve looked at the shocking
repeating patterns in the holocausts of antiquity and those of the last 2000

I’ve looked at the incredible
significance of the messages in many signs, symbols, salutes, emblems, clothing
items, and much more that all point towards the coming Holocaust.

I’ve looked at the deeply
disturbing beliefs and utterances of many leaders of the occult, religion and

I’ve looked at the power of the
media and their coming tragic role in this amazing story. I’ve also looked at
the terrible role of art.

I’ve looked at the incredible
repeating patterns that are now evident in Islam, the Interfaith Movement and
the various New World Order attempts.

For your benefit I’ve looked at
the many hidden and shocking reasons why it’s all coming around again...and

I’ve looked at who will be
involved, why, how and when.

I’ve looked at the role of
Russia, Syria, Iran and some amazing facts about China right out of the Bible.

I’ve also looked at the numbers
of people who will be involved and who will die.

I’ve looked at many amazing
Biblical types, shadows, double references and repeating patterns.

I’ve looked at the role soon
coming Third Temple in Jerusalem.

I’ve looked at the powerful role
the world economy will play, including the role of oil and some amazing game
changing very recent discoveries in Israel.

I’ve looked briefly at the
rapture and how the love and grace of God fits in with wrath and Holocaust.

I’ve looked at the most amazing
and wonderful, surprising outcome to this great drama.

I’ve collected a number of
interviews and comments from a wide range of people. This shows the deep,
dangerous, dark, deception and ignorance held by most people in this day!

This book is also a huge source
of references relating to these issues for your own study.

Here are just a few of the
chapter headings:

The importance of Bible prophecy and correct interpretation.

The distinction between wrath, correction and discipline.

The amazing return to the land.

The central reason for the Holocausts.

From Egypt to Rome to the Inquisitions.

Hitler, the Third Reich and Nazi Germany.

Iran and the amazing connections of Islam.

The role of the church in the coming Holocaust.

Amazing types, shadows and repeating patterns.

The hidden messages in Israel’s modern wars.

When will the coming Holocaust start unfolding?

From “dry bones” to WW111.

Will it be a nuclear conflict and how many will die?

Who will stand for Israel in her coming calamity?

Salvation and the coming salvation of the Jews.

Wonderful words of encouragement.

The interviews.

Shalom, peace and blessing to

Joel Joseph.



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