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The Coming Holocaust


This powerful e-book will inform you, shock you, amaze you and give you wonderful encouragement in these days.

These events are about to unfold on the world stage, the Middle East and in Israel. This is like a giant play, enough to put a thousand Shakespeare's to shame...except this is no play! In fact it's already starting to unfold.

This book is full of incredible revelation.

The book reveals many amazing repeating patterns and shows just why the coming holocaust is inevitable.

You will be involved, if only by opinion!

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G. Zunckel:

Dear Joel, A really huge thank you for your book! I have read through it – its real and gripping!! I have found myself re-reading chapter after chapter. I follow your belief and Holy Spirit inspired words. Wow what a wake-up call to the world and the church in general.

B. Currie:

Shalom Joel. Your book blew me away.   I loved the way you dovetailed everything. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the book because it’s straight truth. As you kept on saying the Jews did nothing to deserve this favour of God and yet people despise them even though it’s not their choice. I am saying that they are God's people and we had better love them! I enjoyed the history and the meaning of words. Highly recommended was the way you supported your statements with Scripture.   A sterling work!

J. Pasma:

I have read your book and have learned a few things that I did not know before. This book should be read by every truly born-again saint of God, if for no other reason than to strengthen belief in Israel's right to their God-given land and God-given promises. Please keep on writing the Prophetic Scroll. After I read the "the interviews” section, I was shocked by comments from people who claimed to be believers, even more so by those who said they were pastors.


Joanne Smith (Ringwood, NJ, USA)   9/11/12

The Coming Holocaust is much like reading the book of Isaiah; it is a mind-boggling compilation of every book of the Bible purposefully pointing toward the Messianic age. That said, you can read this book and read your newspaper headlines almost side by side with the incomparable benefits of Mr. Joseph’s scholarly expository skill and his exhaustive investigation of the historical roots of just about any major player on the world stage.

Ever mindful of the title of this book, Mr. Joseph zooms in and out of the patterns and parallels throughout history that foreshadow the final battle for human souls that will result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportion and climax in a real-time Valley of Decision. He emphasizes that every single person alive is brought to reveal his/her decision if by nothing more than one’s opinion. As he explains,

“In this day, you must know and understand these things, otherwise you’re

in infinitely more danger than you can imagine. If you don’t understand what

is about to unfold, you’re in danger of being swept away in a tidal wave of

Satanic influence, opinion and intent. These very issues will lead a great

many people into hell.”

The most important changes I made after reading The Coming Holocaust are two unwavering decisions which I now can explain clearly. My first is to recognize that God’s roadmap to peace is not up to man nor can it be. It has always been up to God. It is the cross of Christ. And it is none other than this same Yeshua who will fully answer the cries of His Jewish people and similarly enable their recognition of Him. The true Messiah says “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives”. My other decision honors the eternal covenant with Israel as divine and not open to human revision. Again, here is the clearest explanation ever given to me:

“The very essence of all sin, is the doubting or denial of God’s word,

will and ways. God has made an eternal covenant with Israel. So what

does the modern world do? It says, ‘Has God said?’

This will be the very issue of separation and division between the

eternal purposes of the living God and the short-term doomed purposes of

Satan himself. You will go with one or the other, believe it or like it or not!”

(Joel Joseph, p5)

The best description I can give this body of work is that of a compass needle that will reliably point true North no matter who you are, where you stand, what clouds your visibility and above all how lost you‘ve become.


Nature Environment Wilderness and animals in prophecy

It covers much that is truly wonderful, some material that is frightening and much that is little or completely unknown in modern times.

This book will inform you, amaze you, shock you and give you great comfort.

In this book I’ve covered many exciting issues from stewardship of nature, to environment and health, to terrible man-made tragedies.

I’ve covered the interesting subject: “Do pets go to heaven?” and some indictments on hunters and Christian hunters in particular

I’ve covered the full circle of the perfect pre-Adamic creation, through the fall of man and curse on nature, to the liberation of nature and its complete return to perfection.

I’ve looked into “Glimpses of the future” and the terrible regret of the unsaved.

The book ends off with a collection of my own photographs and art works.

Be very sure of one thing; this book will move you!

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This website comprises the Abrahamic Expression of faith, which goes to the Jew and the Gentile, with a Messianic slant. I affirm the fullness of biblical truth, embracing the cross of Calvary. I reject Babylonian paganism in the church and the legalistic excesses of the Messianic Movement. This ministry has a distinct kingdom vision, identifying with God’s call and plan for the Jewish people. My position is pre-trib! Personally: I was saved in 1976 while working as a war correspondent, journalist, photographer, artist and environmentalist. My interest in Bible prophecy was instant. My calling came soon afterwards. It is to share this great drama, to stand watching and to glorify my God.


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Next Edition, Lord willing:  "Eternal worlds to come."

Coming soon: Future editions and Sabbath Reports will contain some or all of the following, not necessarily in this order. I have so much exciting material to share:

The power of standing with Israel and the weakness and failure of not. How to "shoot" yourself in the foot. Attacks on Bible prophecy. Dangerous heresies. Eagles, vultures, lions and baboons. The arising of the antichrist. Prophetic difficulties explained. All may be interrupted by any breaking prophetic events of importance.

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●We are in prophetic limbo, with nothing of major prophetic importance on the go right now. But we do have an enormous amount developing in the Middle East and Israel that could break onto the stage at any time. So we will not be complacent! Syria, Iran, Gaza, Hamas and the Palestinians are all waiting in the wings, for their prophetic fame!

●New Australian Prime Minister, a Christian, says he may move their embassy to Jerusalem. Arab states throw a tantrum!

●Germany: Anti-racism rally calls for the destruction of Israel! German bank opposes Israel’s existence. Germany refuses to call Jerusalem, Israel’s capital! (I wonder what spirit)

a Sabbath Report2Shabbat (Sabbath) begins on Fridays at 6pm and ends on Saturdays at 6pm. The purpose is to help the church and Israel become reconciled in Messiah and to identify the rift, and the needed restoration. There is much in the church that needs to change before it can be fully reconciled with the Jew. Likewise, changes in Jewish thinking are also needed.  

12th October 2018

Shabbat Shalom to all:

World of evil, world of glory:

We are already seeing the divide between the ways of God for a nation and the ways of Satan, widen. It’s a critical time. Many in the spiritually dead churches, are being rocked to sleep. Many are being shaken awake.

Many in the world are searching and looking for stability and real answers. Many will find glorious salvation and a wonderful new life. Some, seeking a quick fix, will find nothing.

There are many obstructions thrown in the way of those awakening to their call to be saved. It’s a very critical time and can result in a person being taken over by illegitimate spirits if they come in the wrong way – complicating the birth.

For example, the Bible says a few times, “Repent and believe.” If you leave out the repenting part, you will be as stable as a blind, drunk donkey on a tight rope. Bear in mind: “The double minded man is unstable in all his ways”! (James 1:8)

I know an individual who was awakening to God’s call to be saved, by this ministry, but he first wanted to know if God exits. That’s like coming to a beautiful woman and asking for her hand in marriage, but only if she can prove that she exists! That’s a good way to get slapped. Well, he remains unsaved.

Satan tries to complicate the birth early on, when the person is most vulnerable.

An undisciplined child becomes an adult with no restraint and borders in his life. Likewise, a person young in the Lord, easily falls into false teaching and error and will often be spiritually unstable and susceptible to all sorts of problems, later on.

New believers must be exposed to the application of the cross as soon as possible. If not, things like legalism, witchcraft, and the like will come in, obscuring the cross.

The curse of legalism comes from falling under the “fear of man.” The blessing of grace comes from choosing the fear of the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:5)

Galatians 3:1 “O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Messiah was clearly portrayed among you as crucified?”

Teachers in the pride of rebellion to God’s word, operating under the curse of legalism, “bewitch” the people with alluring ‘spells’ of intellect or special insights.

The word, “bewitch” means, “To bring evil on a person by putting the evil-eye on them”.

The church at Galatia was not even aware that Satan, through someone, most likely in ministry, had put the evil eye on them, resulting in the curse of legalism.

When you see and understand this it is absolutely shocking and so true. I have seen it working out a million times and it’s always consistent.

The curse of the evil-eye comes from Satan himself. He finds vulnerabilities in Christians and gets his agents to put the evil-eye on them. The victim is unaware. The evil-eye is associated with the all seeing eye of witchcraft. It has been around for 5000 years and today is in almost every culture of the world somewhere.

But the more deadly aspect of it is that it is an operation of the demonic. You need to flee anything or anyone involved in it.

Luke 14:27 “Whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple.”

The godly teacher, these days, more than ever, needs to teach share and impart brokenness to the individual. A heart broken-open before our Lord and His word is the only way.

If you think diligent Bible study, prayer, fasting and growing in the Lord is essentially for those in ministry, let me assure you that you are in ministry. If you are saved, you all have a ministry first and foremost to our Lord, for which you will be evaluated, and judged for eternal reward or loss of it!

The call today is for deep repentance in the church.

Joel 2:13 “Rend your hearts and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and great in kindness...”


The greatest key in assessing a Bible teacher, which must cause you to accept them or reject them, is this: Do they teach extensively, accurately and regularly on the cross and its power, inspired and led by the Spirit?Is their teaching established in the “present truth,” (2 Peter 1:12) which is the Epistles of Paul?

Of course we use the Old Covenant, but we must be established in the specific ministry for the church era, otherwise we’re in danger. All doctrines of the New Covenant have their foundation in the Old, but not all doctrines of the Old are carried through to the New.

The answer to these modern day influences from demons of pride, legalism, witchcraft, Jezebel spirits and the like is simple. Cast them out. Don’t converse with them, rationalise with them, or get into debates – cast them out.

Remember that Jezebel was thrown out of a window to her death and then her body devoured by dogs, so that only bits of her skelton remained. That is how severe you need to be in dealing with these demonic spirits.

Obviously, we don’t literally kill the person; we cast them out of our lives thoroughly. And by the way, the Jezebel spirit does not only operate in women. Today it is a modern plague in the church seeking to usurp control.

Many demonic forces are now coming out into open warfare with the truth. The mass-media is totally infested with all these evil powers. It’s all pointing to the very soon demise of Satan.

Create your new home and guard it!

Due to this specific time period of intensifying evil in this post-modern, post-truth world where the new normal is – anything goes; you need to create a new “home,” where your new normal can dwell securely and safely.

In the natural, people use various means to protect and defend their homes from attack.

Today, you need to create an invisible, highly fortified ‘home’ with a powerful spiritual wall of protection around it. You should clearly define your spiritual “property.” This must be your very own secure, secret dwelling place. Install security lights and alarms all over the place. This is your comfort zone of truth, holiness and righteousness.

Put up a big “sign” saying: “Right of admission reserved.”

You, with the Spirit of God in your heart, then decide who comes into your fortified, grand abode. Keep your majestic palace clean. Keep a double eye-patch nearby and use the mute button often.

Invite friends in often and kick some out often!

Treat your enemies with love and forgiveness, and reserve the right to defend the truth.

Galatians 4:30 “Cast out the bondwoman and her son, they shall not be heir...”

2 Timothy 1:9 “He has saved us with a holy calling...”

I created the image I’ve used here of a bronze statue in a garden called Yad Ha Shmona in the Judean Desert Mountains near Jerusalem. Behind it is a lion – a Jewish Lion! It speaks of a broken heart of repentance – a very great need in the church today.


Edition 427: July 24th 2018

Rising Fences:



Revelation 22:11 “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still. He who is filthy, let him be filthy still. He who is righteous, let him be righteous still. He, who is holy, let him holy still.”

The unrighteous, filthy world is racing to its, doom. The kingdom of God is growing in godliness and glory. There is an impassable gulf between the two; it is a fast rising fence of separation.

These end time pressures will neutralise many, destroy many or shape many. Keep the fence high!

But, before we talk about the rising fence, let’s have a good look at the astounding fence itself!

The miracle, true fence:

The cross of Calvary is filled with drama, depth, messages and miracles.

It is the miracle, pinnacle of the fence!

Crucify: Strong’s G4717 - “Stauroo.” (Also G4957). Meanings: Impale or fence off. The original term comes from driving pales into the ground to fence-off an area. This is the origin of the word, ‘Palisade.’ It corresponds with the Latin, “vallum” which means to set a wall, fence or fortification.

So, here within the meaning of this word alone, we see a wondrous miracle-message of note!

“Crucify” means, to ‘impale’ and fence-off. The fence is a barricade or fortification. It is the eternal, great ‘No-Entry’ sign. The cross is the ultimate implement of separation.

Beloved brethren, this is the real story of the cross of Calvary. Those who contain the work of the cross in their hearts by the new-birth are eternally separated from the world, sin and Satan.

If you are a true believer, you too have been crucified! “I’ve been crucified with Messiah.” (Galatians 2:20) The separating work and power of Messiah’s cross is in you!

Holy: Strong’s H6944 – “Qodesh”. Meanings: Apartness, separateness, sacredness of God.

Unholy: Strong’s H2455 - “Chol.” Meanings: Commonness, profane, wicked.

Sanctify and saint: Strong’s H6942 – “Qadash” Meanings: To be set apart, consecrated, hallowed.

On the right side of the fence, which is the cross, we have: Fence-off, fortify, apartness, sacredness, separation, holiness and similar. On the wrong side of the fence we have: Unholiness, commonness, togetherness, mixing together, wickedness and similar.

Separate and apart:

It is the world and its inner-voice, the mass-media, driven by Satan, which tries to keep believers, apart from the fence, keeping us apart from Satan in them!

The mass-media are the perpetrators of deadly apartheid. Satan desires to keep us apart from God. It is the word of our Lord instructing us to be separate from the world.

We must understand that both God and Satan are on the move. The result is that the fence between them is rising ever higher. These things are not static, especially in this time period.

As the things of the devil worsen and intensify, they are causing the fence of separation to rise ever higher. They now have much more to dethrone, before they can come to God and experience all that He has for them in the kingdom.

The horror of the fence is that there are few on the right side and many on the wrong side. There is a narrow, constrained path leading to the good side.

The fence of holiness is the triumphant fence of victory separating two kingdoms forever.

Today, the beauty of holiness shines brightly and strongly because of the thick, encroaching darkness all around us. The contrast is becoming so vivid and clear.

Tragically, much of the church today does not have the slightest idea what holiness is!

It’s a heavy burden obeying the word of the Lord when you are obeying the word of the world! But when you yield willingly to our Lord, His “burden is light” and it soon becomes a burden obeying the world and its masses charging down the road to hell.

A holy conundrum:

“Come out and be separate says the Lord.” (2 Corinthians 6:17)

“Become all things to all people.” (1 Corinthians 9:22)

The two verses above appear to be contradictions. They are not. We can become all things to all people from a position of separation. Becoming all things to all is in the context of winning them to Messiah and not participating in any sin.

What we will or won’t do or be involved in, is a sign of our growth in the Lord, and a sign to the lost.

Sometimes there is grace in yielding (not compromising). But there is always grace in being a nice person, although there are times when a severe approach is needed.

Yes we must be separate and apart from the world. We must tailor-make our approach to unbelievers, but within the confines of holiness.

Be careful of the comfort of hell! That means we are to be careful of getting too close to unbelievers who are really looking for acceptance, assurance, approval and comfort in and of their evil lifestyles.

Being separate does not mean going and living in a cave. It does not mean giving up your job. It’s an internal separation, although there may be things at certain times where physical separation is required.

You are still to be the best you can in what you are called to.

This means that we must be led by the Spirit in all these things.

Sitting silently like a half-baked blockhead on the fence:

1 Kings 18:21 “Elijah came to the people and said, ‘how long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then follow him.’ But the people answered him not a word.’”

What a great verse (above) identifying the double-minded, unstable in all their ways! (James 1:8)

Hebrews 12:26-28 “...He has promised saying, ‘yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. Since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace and serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.”

As God shakes everything that can be shaken, all those sitting on the fence will be shaken off by the earthquakes of judgement. They will land in a deep valley. It’s called the “valley of decision.” It is filled with multitudes. (Joel 3:14)

The fence cannot be breached with philosophy, intellect, theology, legalism or religious works. It can only be breached by the supernatural resurrection power of God. Your gateway is the cross.

The smart and sensible thing to do when you have fallen off the fence into a valley of mud is get up, clean yourself off, throw aside your past ways and go through the nearby, narrow gate, with single-minded determination. The cross is the way into glory!

If you have fallen off the fence into the mire of the pigsty, do have a look over the fence to the other side. Do you see your Father there preparing a party for you? And He will clean you up too if you go back to Him, Mr. Prodigal, Welcome home, buddy!

Psalm 118:19 “Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go through them and praise the Lord.”

The deeper you go into worldliness, the closer you get to the heart of Satan himself, and that always has nasty fruits with it, and much devastation.

I recall once doing a photographic feature down a gold mine 3 kilometres deep. As we descended, the air pressure increased, and it got hotter and hotter. That’s the idea of approaching hell.

The rising fence or wall has much writing on it. Have you seen the billboards, placards and banners on the fence? Did you see the sign: “The days of Noah and Lot” Or the sign: “Devil’s playground that way” Or the sign: “Your days are numbered.”

On one side of the fence we see degeneration of character and a fall in virtues and values with arising evil, and wickedness. We see a world going crazy with hatred for everything and everyone on the other side of the fence – where God and His people are.

Rather than repent, the world is justifying and neutralising sin. It is trying to breach the fence from their side.

Proverbs 17:15 “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the Lord.”

Psalm 55:19 “...Because they do not change, therefore they do not fear God.”

Satan comes to kill, steel, destroy, lie, deceive, confuse, bring darkness, dark light, error, and more.

Buy flaming gold and anoint your eyes:

Revelation 3:18 “I counsel you to buy from Me, gold refined in fire, that you may be rich...and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see.”

The verse above is from the letter to the lukewarm, fence-sitting church of Laodicea, which God spits out. They are spiritually blind. Note that spiritual eyes are aligned with the eternal rewards, here compared to “refined gold!”

Gold is refined by a fire of judgment upon all impurities!

Your eyes are like a gateway into your soul. You must guard the gate!

There are too many forbidden things we can see too easily with our eyes! In this context, sight, imagination and thinking are closely related. They lead to actions.

Psalm 101:2-3 “I will behave wisely. I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. I will set nothing wicked before my eyes.”

And a few verses further on, here is the Lord’s response: “My eyes shall be on the faithful of the land. He, who walks in a perfect way, will serve Me.” (Psalm 101:6)

Psalm 119:37-38 “Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things and revive me in Your way. Establish Your word to Your servant, who is devoted to fearing You.”

The Bible tells us where to look:

Luke 21:28 “When these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws nigh.”

We are to look up, to look to eternity, to look to what we can’t yet see. But as we do, we must also look back to where we have come from, and what we have achieved as believers. We are always to look to our solid foundation, and our Lord impaled on the fence.

We are to look up with great expectation and hope, and backwards with thankfulness. We are to eagerly wait for our Lord. Even all creation is “eagerly waiting.” (Romans 8:19)

Don’t look over the fence! Be careful what your eyes see and ears hear in these days. It gives you leprosy rather than fine gold!

God lights up where He wants you to walk, so you can see the way ahead. If you won’t walk in His path, He switches the light off and you must say, “Hello darkness, my old friend.”

Don’t look over the fence so that you can go back to the other side! Remember Lot’s wife.

Mind your mind:

The Bible speaks of end-time “corrupt minds, destitute of the truth.” (1 Timothy 6:5) That’s the way it works! Truth is the anchor of your soul.


Thank God for your guilty conscience. Without it, you blunder on into ever worsening sin. The secular psychologist gets you to ignore your guilty conscience, saying that your sin is not sin, but a church-created obstacle to your behaviour being fully expressed.

The mass-media gets you to deny your guilty conscience, because it says sin is normal and everyone is like that.

Today, there is little hatred for sin, but fast rising hatred for all forms of godly authority, and anything that identifies and condemns sin.

Mankind always needs an authority to turn to for support. When God and His word are rejected, people are automatically filled with illegitimate authorities like those of their culture, traditions, peers, friends, majority views, media, celebrities, sportsmen and the like. These then, become the unwritten law and standard.

People go from being a friend of the world, to loving the world, to praising the wickedness of the world, to welcoming Satan. Switch on CNN anytime to see biblical truth before your eyes: “Those that forsake the word of God praise the wicked.” (Proverbs 28:4)

As you accept and normalise sin, the more your conscience is seared and your mind darkened.

In fact, with a “seared conscience,” (1 Timothy 4:2) you can’t identify sin anymore. A terrible reversal then takes place, orchestrated by Satan, and you love or “praise” sin and evil.

There is pleasure in sin, says the Bible, but it is only for a season. (Hebrews 11:25) Then you need more sin. You are now on a slippery slope downhill! Or you can go God’s way, which is the path of life, with fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore! (Psalm 16:11)

Satan’s big thing is “Do what you will.” But when that is combined with blindness to sin, and the loss of inner restraint from rejecting God’s ways, and searing your conscience – you are in great trouble – hindered of many demons.

Spiritual sight and thinking is absolutely indispensible in these days. You need it now!

The Christian who has rejected the gifts of the Spirit is in danger. They do not have the gift of discernment of spirits. How can they be safe, when you are partially blind?

2 Corinthians 10:4-6 “The weapons of our warfare and not carnal, but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds and casting down every high thing, exalting itself against the knowledge of God.”

If the light of the church is getting dimmer, you can be sure that the world is getting even darker fast. It has no light of its own. The world’s light is “great darkness.” (Luke11:35)

You must be growing in the Lord all the time. Part of that includes the knowledge of hell, which is vital for your spiritual value system and balance.

Israel and the rising fence:

The world hates and rejects all the major tenets of scripture, especially relating to God’s plan and purpose for Israel. Like stuck, scratched, records they spew out their anti-Israel rubbish all the time.

This fence is rising. We have those who are with our Lord and His plans on one side, and the world and a lot of the compromised church, on the other.

The parable of the prodigal son applies to backsliders. But it applies so excellently to Israel as well.

Malachi 3:17-18 “They (Israel) shall be mine, says the Lord of hosts, on the day that I make them My jewels. I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him. Then you shall again discern between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and who does not.”

At this stage, Israel is largely blind to the real fence between them and the world! It is the crucified Messiah – God of glory, raised and with healing and forgiveness in His “wings.”

How to secure your fence:

Why is it that so many people can’t get into the kingdom of God even though they want to, and why is it that so many make it in, and then just can’t go any further?

Here are some basic principles needed to secure your growth and prevent your fence from falling. Please note the all important words:

Psalm 119:63 “I am a companion of all those who fear You and keep Your precepts.”

Psalm 119:18Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from your word.”

Psalm 119:155 “Salvation is far from the wicked, for they do not seek Your statutes.”

Psalm 95:8 “Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion and as in the day of trial.”

Luke 8:18 “Take heed how you hear.”

Psalm 145:18 “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him in truth.”

Putting these points together we come up with this:

We must actively fear the Lord. We must seek and keep His word. We must ask Him to open our spiritual eyes. We must maintain a soft heart before our Lord and to His word. We must cultivate discipline in our hearing and obeying His word. We must call on and study in all truth.


We are to have strong secure fences between us and false doctrine, and false prophets in the church. We are to keep them out. We are to break down all fences and barriers between all true churches of the living God.

The true Christian must have a fortified, strong, rising fence and watchman at the gate.

Pray for the strength of your fence. Know that the devil’s strategy is to divide and conquer! Satan gets through breaches and breaks in your fence.

Support and sympathy for Satan’s strategy, is the objective of the mass-media. Keep your fence between you and media very high and secure!

The issues these days are really coming into focus and people are becoming more polarised. It’s not so much an East / West or liberal /conservative issue, but a God, Satan issue, which few can see.

Please take note again of our introductory verse. Note that the things on the world’s side of the fence will get worse and worse.

Things on God’s side of the fence and in your own life can potentially get better and better in the face of the world’s worse and worse!

The path of the righteous is like the shining sun that shines ever brighter unto the coming Day. (Proverbs 4:18)

Here are the last words of King David before he died:

“The God of Israel spoke, the Rock of Israel said to me, that when one rules righteously, ruling in the fear of God, He dawns on them like morning light, when the sun rises on a cloudless morning, when the tender grass springs out of the earth, shining clearly after rain. Truly my house stands with God...” (2 Samuel 23:2-5 Amp.) See also: Job 11:17, Job 17:9, Psalm 97:11, and Proverbs 15:24.


a gods garden2

I took the buffalo picture in KwaZulu-Natal and the baobab tree near the Limpopo River.


Shalom and grow in His Grace!

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•Edition406: Glorious maturity.

•Edition405: The demise of false prophets.

•Edition404: The leopard's spots

•Edition403: How to be a radical Christian.

•Edition402: The church under attack from within.

•Edition401: What will give Jews sight?

•Edition400: Four hundrd and more.

•Edition399: The end-time teacher.

•Edition398: How to be strong.

•Edition397: Great deceptions to come.

•Edition396: Eternal Beauty.

•Edition395: End Time Jerusalem.

•Edition394: I told you so!

•Edition393: Prophetic pitfalls and promises.

•Edition392: When should you leave a church?

•Edition391: Temple stones, amazing signs

•Edition390: Why rapture dates fail. 

•Edition389: Deadly disguised deities.

•Edition388: A new prophetic dawn.

•Edition387: Prophecy is "more sure."

•Edition386: Pharaoh of Nineveh.

•Edition385: The great revelation of you!

•Edition384: Awakening to the man-Child.

•Edition383: Letter to devastated Christians.

•Edition382: The great Jonah sign for today

•Edition381: War of worlds.

•Edition380: A great sign and signal.

•Edition379: A symphony of drama.

•Edition378: Revelation 12, the truth. 

•Edition377: Times of the signs.

•Edition376: The mystery of eternity.

•Edition375: The curse of Nibiru

•Edition374: Suddenly - the King

•Edition373: Will Israel break God's covenant?

•Edition372: God's psychology for today.

•Edition370: Mass media and the coming Holocaust.

•Edition369: Mysteries of the rapture.

•Edition368: The great awakening.

•Edition367: Hunger for God.

•Edition366: The effects of the rapture.

•Edition365: Jerusalem Day.

•Edition364: Safe from delusion

•Edition363: A message to all in authority.

•Edition362: The Great Return.

•Edition361: The spirit of revelation.

•Edition360: The spirit of antichrist.

•Edition359: Joseph:Rapture secrets.

•Edition358: The incredible journey.

•Edition357: The rapture and the left-behind.

•Edition356: All your political beliefs in the Bible. 

•Edition355: The Greatest Drama of All.

•Edition354: Earthly and heavenly inheritances.

•Edition353: Sky signs, earth signs, heart signs!

•Edition352: Mass-media, Mass-killers!

•Edition351: Rapture, Rams, Shofars and more.

•Edition350: How to be ready for what lies ahead.

•Edition349: The Strategic Grand Plan of the Ages.

•Edition348: The error of imminence

•Edition347: 7,70, 777 unfolding.

•Edition346: "Settlements" and "occupation." 

•Edition345: The three wars of WW111 

•Edition344: What if you are not left behind?

•Edition343: Anti-Semitic Christmas

•Edition342: Idols of the mass-media

•Edition341: Where is the world going?

•Edition340: Approaching darkness.

•Edition339: The Light of Life.

•Edition338: God's politics.

•Edition337: The amazing messages of the seven feasts and the seven churches.

•Edition336: False prophets of today.

•Edition335: Signs of the times, olives and doves!

•Edition334: Amazing prophetic insights.

•Edition333: World peace, man's way or God's way.

•Edition332: Lead (the metal) - Surprise!

•Edition331: Hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

•Edition330: Watch and pray: The Lord is coming!

•Edition329: Horror attack on Israel by the church.

•Edition328: The incredible message of the resurrections

•Edition327: The media and the end-times.

•Edition326: The modern betrayers.

•Edition325: The Miracle of the Rapture

•Edition324: The drama of the Temple

•Edition323: Terrorism, almost impossible to defeat, but its end in nigh.

•Edition322: The immense gravity and evil of replacement theology

•Edition321: The great backfire

•Edition320: Post tribulation rapture impossibilities

•Edition319: Truth under fire!

•Edition318: World war this year?

•Edition317: The future of Israel, the Jews, the Arabs and the Arab lands.

•Edition316: The Day of the Lord and more on the rapture.

•Edition315: The Lord is coming, tear your hearts.

•Edition314: Attacks on the rapture.

•Edition313: The marriage, the bride, the rapture.

•Edition312: The fulfilments of the fall feasts.

•Edition311: The logic of a pre-tribulation rapture.

•Edition310: How much longer?

•Edition309: The miracle of the Bible.

•Edition308: The drama of Passover.

•Edition307: The information highways.

•Edition306: Oceans of peace in a world of violence.

•Edition305: The danger of gullibility.

•Edition304:The Jewish Messiah or the Roman Christ.

•Edition303:Major thinking errors of today.

•Edition302:Anti-Semitism in the church

•Edition301:Fixing for a fight - Countdown to WW111

•Edition300:God's new world.

•Edition299:Why Europe is doomed.

•Edition298:Prophecy and the love of God.

•Edition297:Why the Prophetic Scroll will never be mainstream

•Edition296:Implications of the lifting veil.

•Edition295:Shocking Obadiah!

•Edition294:Why do the Jews not see their Messiah?

•Edition293:2016 - A great shaking!

•Edition292:Are you really saved?

•Edition291: The curse of Christmas.

•Edition290:Jeremiah's catastrophic indictment of America.

•Edition289:Dangerous or safe churches.

•Edition288:Transition - Fishermen to hunters!

•Edition287:Israel, the drama to end all dramas.

•Edition286:The spirit world.

•Edition285:Colliding worlds.

•Edition284:Eternity calls.

•Edition283:A message and warning to the nations.

•Edition282:Lies and truth of today.

•Edition281:Israel, its your time.

•Edition280:The tragedy of ignoring God's warnings.

•Edition279:What now, what's next?

•Edition278:Signs of your salvation.

•Edition277:Incredible dispensations.

•Edition276:Major proofs of a pre-tribulation rapture.

•Edition275:Who goes in the rapture and who stays.

•Edition273:Preparing for the rapture.

•Edition272:Do you see it, do you hear it?

•Edition271:Peace is coming on the wings of war.

•Edition270:Dealing with critics.

•Edition269:Not in my name.

•Edition268:Foolishness or wisdom for today. 

•Edition267:The fall of Obama.

•Edition266:Prophecy from above and below.

•Edition265:The refiners fire.

•Edition264:The deeper, exclusive life.

•Edition263:Which Christians for the tribulation.

•Edition262:What will we be rewarded for and not.

•Edition261:The Power of the resurrection.

•Edition260:Who can you trust?

•Edition259:Could the tribulation begin this year?

•Edition258:Characteristics of the tribulation.

•Edition257:Warnings. (fear of the Lord)

•Edition256:The standard for the church today.

•Edition255:The stormy shifting desert sands.

•Edition254:Pay back time for the world.

•Edition253:How to be safe in this day. (Passover / Easter edition)

•Edition252:What Israel must do (part two)

•Edition251:The walls of Jerusalem.

•Edition250:The prophetic future of Iran.

•Edition249:Knowing your real friends and enemies

•Edition248:Why the rise in worldwide anti-Semitism?

•Edition247:The year the greatest drama of all begins.

•Edition246:Startling facts about Israel's new enemies.

•Edition245:What if there are no dispensations?

•Edition244:What if the Bible is true?

•Edition243: What are the Israel signs now?

•Edition242: Where are we on the prophetic clock now?

•Edition241: The average nondescript, conformist Christian

•Edition240: False end-time doctrine.

•Edition239: The church's love affair with paganism.

•Edition238: What believers and unbelievers will be judged for.

•Edition237: Jerusalem the centre-stage

•Edition236: The rapture nears.

•Edition235: What is a Christian?

•Edition234: Pre-tribulation rapture expositions.

•Edition233: The days of Noah, Lot and Babylon.

•Edition232: The cry of the wild.

•Edition231: Will He find faith on earth when He comes?

•Edition230: Sin, judgement, peace.

•Edition229: The seven churches.

•Edition228: What the watchman sees.

•Edition227: Can you change the outcome of prophecy?

•Edition226: Putin's Russia and WW111

•Edition225: Rest in peace.

•Edition224: The arising Islamic antichrist.

•Edition223: God's enemy, the church.

•Edition222: Open your eyes and your heart.

•Edition221: What must Israel do?

•Edition220: What on earth is going on now?

•Edition219: All about judgement.

•Edition218: Images of Israel.

•Edition217: The tragic consequences of removing Bible prophecy.

•Edition216: I stand with God's word for Israel.

•Edition215: Post tribulation rapture probelms: Part two.

•Edition214: The priniciples of war.

•Edition213: Deadly messages from antiquity

•Edition212: The big differences between the true Church and the false.

•Edition211: Getting ready for eternity.

•Edition210: Post- tribulation rapture problems (Part one)

•Edition209: The new Anti-Semitic danger.

•Edition208: The normal and the abnormal

•Edition207: When will the tribulation period begin?

•Edition206: The new Holocaust. A-bomb edition!

•Edition205: The tragic church of the last days.

•Edition204: World War breakdown.

•Edition203: Living diamonds in the sky.

•Edition202: What does it mean to be ready?

•Edition201: The ministry of the watchman.

•Edition200: What you believe affects your eyesight

•Edition199: More rapture revelations.

•Edition198: World War Three arising.

•Edition197: The glory of the future universe.

•Edition196: The curse of the Judaisers.

•Edition195:  What on earth is the world saying? 

•Edition194: Identifying the nations of prophecy

•Edition193: Secrets of prophecy.

•Edition192: Opening the doors for Israel.

•Edition191:  False ministers, teachers, doctrines and prophets

•Edition190: The rapture demystified and clarified

•Edition189: The prophetic Scroll's vision and calling

•Edition188: The earth in danger

•Edition187: Coming judgements

•Edition186: The end is at hand!

•Edition185: The history and future of the church .

•Edition184: The grand end-time summary.

•Edition183: Signs and you.

•Edition182: Humanism, the curse of the last days.

•Edition181: What is coming upon Israel.

•Edition180: Worlds apart.

•Edition179: A dangerous corrupt world

•Edition178: What must still be fulfilled.

•Edition177: How to prepare for the days ahead

•Edition176: Great end-time enemies.

•Edition175: Rapture revelations.

•Edition174: The Peace talks bring the wrath of God.

•Edition173: How long O Lord?

•Edition172: Why the coming judgments?

•Edition171: The stones and the skies will cry out.

•Edition170: The prophetic future of the church.

•Edition169: The miracles of the cross.

•Edition168: Peace for today.

•Edition167: Timing, temples and the destruction of the US

•Edition166: Check Lists

•Edition165: The Media.

•Edition164: Turkey in prophecy.

•Edition163: Judgments.

•Edition162: A tale of two churches. Part 2

•Edition161: A tale of two churches. Part 1

•Edition160: Dates, times, seasons, syria and surroundings.

•Edition159: What's in a name?

•Edition158: The Restrainer.

•Edition157: Resurrection.

•Edition156: Getting yourself and others ready for Messiah.

•Edition155: War,peace,shock and awe.

•Edition154: The Living Stones.

•Edition153: The Rising fence.

•Edition152: Amazing types of end time events.

•Edition151: Intensifying deceptions

•Edition150: The right church.

•Edition149: Timing: What we can and can't know.

•Edition148: The fruits of truth.

•Edition147: Revisiting the rapture.

•Edition146: Amazing messages in colour and number.

•Edition145: The Media and you

•Edition144: Review of the Prophetic Scroll and what's ahead.

•Edition143: The religions of the last days.

•Edition142: Jordan and Egypt...the coming shock!

•Edition141: The demise of the peace treaties and the new big one.

•Edition140: What's next in prophecy?

•Edition139: The salvation of the Jews.

•Edition138: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey in prophecy

•Edition137: Beware...another Christ arising.

•Edition136: Deep calls unto deep.

•Edition135: So you want to live for yourself?

•Edition134: The Feast of Trumpets.

•Edition133: The importance od Pentecost.

•Edition132: In the world but not of it.

•Edition131: The coming big triple economic catastrophe.

•Edition130: The coming holocaust.

•Edition129: Dispensations again.

•Edition128: Enemies of Bible prophecy.

•Edition127: Refuting the post-tribulation rapture position.

•Edition126: Kingdoms in conflict

•Edition125: The curse of ignoraance in this day.

•Edition124: A horrifying economic disaster is coming.

•Edition123: The roots of the church.

•Edition122: Maturing in Messiah.

•Edition121: The prophetic importance of the days of Noah and Lot.

•Edition120: The USA in prophecy. 

•Edition119: Are the days numbered for the church? 

•Edition118: Whom shall I send?

•Edition117: Why are great catastrophes coming?

•Edition116: Your journey to perfection reflected in the feasts.

•Edition115: Easter the sign of Satan, Passover the sign of God. 

•Edition114: The David and Goliath prophetic parallel. 

•Edition113: The Blueprint for the church. 

•Edition112: Walking in peace in perilous times.

•Edition111: (3 of 3) Overcoming the demonic. 

•Edition110: Overcoming the flesh (2 of 3)

•Edition109 Overcoming the world (1 of 3) 

•Edition108: The cursed Interfaith movement.

•Edition107: Who is a believer? 

•Edition106: How the church hinders the Jews from salvation.

•Edition105: Love or truth or both.

•Edition104: Turning curses into blessing. 

•Edition103: Right and wrong interpretation and the consequenses.

•Edition102: The world it's end and new beginning. 

•Edition101: The Lamb and Lion of God. 

•Edition100: The tragedy of a failed church. 

•Edition099: Iran and Syria in prophecy.

•Edition098: The sequence of events to come. 

•Edition097: The Lord's watchmen.

•Edition096: Holiness. 

•Edition095: Nations in darkness and nations in light. 

•Edition094: Where are we now in prophecy?

•Edition093: Is this it?

•Edition092: Palestinian statehood news and the peace treaty. 

•Edition091: What the Bible says about Palestinian statehood.

•Edition090: The path to eternal glory. 

•Edition089: Pre, mid or post tribulation rapture. 

•Edition088: All the signs. 

•Edition087: Deliverance and Destruction.

•Edition086: Signs in the sky.

•Edition085: Time is short-very short! 

•Edition084: How, when and why will te Jews be saved.

•Edition083: Counselling believers in perilous times. 

•Edition082: Identifying prophetic Babylon. 

•Edition081: Christian mass murderers. 

•Edition080: The deeper glorious Christian life. 

•Edition079: False prophets of today. 

•Edition078: The counterfiet church. 

•Edition077: The blindness created by traditionalism. 

•Edition076: Too many voices. 

•Edition075: Israelitis the disease. 

•Edition074: The identity of the nations in World War Three.  

•Edition073: The soon coming paradise and who will be there. 

•Edition072: I will shake all things. 

•Edition071: The writing on the wall for today. Plans for new temple. 

•Edition070: The importance of the number 70 (news: Egypt in prophecy) 

•Edition069: Wise words of old (part 3) 

•Edition068: The shocking roots and effects of replacement theology. 

•Edition067: Jezebel in the church. 

•Edition066: The horros of Christmas. 

•Edition065: The great restoration. 

•Edition064: Why the unsaved are unsaved. 

•Edition063: Review of The Prophetic Scroll. 

•Edition062: God's plan for the world. 

•Edition061: Satan's plan for the world. 

•Edition060: God's plan for the church. 

•Edition059: Satan's plan for the church. 

•Edition058: Summary of pointers to Lord's coming from all editions. 

•Edition057: Dramatic News church turns against Israel. 

•Edition056: The me-now generation. 

•Edition055: Safety in the coming storms. 

•Edition054: Spiritual blindness. 

•Edition053: The dispensation debate. 

•Edition052: Coming world famine. 

•Edition051: The Centrality of the cross. 

•Edition050: Important Day The peace talks begin. 

•Edition049: The church in mortal danger. 

•Edition048: The rapture and second coming compared. 

•Edition047: What is a Messianic believer? 

•Edition046: Truth and error. 

•Edition045: Secret keys to spiritual victory.

•Edition044: The importance of prophecy. 

•Edition043: Miraculous Israel. 

•Edition042: The antichrist. 

•Edition041: When is Jesus coming (the main views) 

•Edition040: Wise words of old (part 2) 

•Edition039: Coming world economic meltdown. 

•Edition038: The Kingdom of God. 

•Edition037: Glory to glory (pre-adamic to the millennium and beyond) 

•Edition036: The Sabbath Day. 

•Edition035: The Nostradamus deception. 

•Edition034: Sects and Cults. 

•Edition033: Pointers towards the coming of the Lord. 

•Edition032: Daniel's 70 weeks. 

•Edition031: The power of the cross and the power of humanism. 

•Edition030: Dark days are coming glorious days are coming 

•Edition029: The greatest reunion ever. 

•Edition028: Startling prophecies still to be fulfilled. 

•Edition027: Fulfilled Prophecy. 

•Edition026: The dangers of replacement theology for Israel. 

•Edition025: The power of testimony in perilous times. 

•Edition024: Preparing yourself for the Messiah. 

•Edition023: The power of the media. 

•Edition022: Coming cataclysmic catastrophes and global calm. 

•Edition021: The damage done to the Jews by Christian traditions. 

•Edition020: Coming great deceptions. 

•Edition019: Dry bones lead to World War Three. 

•Edition018: Three paths to world peace. 

•Edition017: Wise words of old.

•Edition016: The Arabs and Palestinians in prophecy / The coming salvation of Arabs. 

•Edition015: The coming new world order. 

•Edition014: To judge or not to judge. 

•Edition013: Hell / number in scripture. 

•Edition012: The glory to be revealed. 

•Edition011: The seven churches of the Revelation - glory and horror! 

•Edition010: The rapture. 

•Edition009: The soon coming of our Lord. 

•Edition008: Choosing a church. The emergent church shock. 

•Edition007: The great apostasy of the church and coming salvation of the Jews. 

•Edition006: Syria arising. 

•Edition005: Coming of the new Temple on the Temple Mount. 

•Edition004: World watch. 

•Edition003: The Gabriel Stone. 

•Edition002: Interpretation of scripture. 

•Edition001: Launch and outline. 

●Trump’s team is drafting a new Israeli-Arab peace plan, being dubbed - “The Ultimate Deal.” It involves numerous Arab states, four member of the White House and is expected to be ready next year some time. Reported in New York Times, Arutz Sheva 11 the November.

●New Iran / Hezbollah front in Gaza! Israel prepares for action.

●Israel blows up new terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel, killing 15 terrorists. They vow revenge! 

•Edition426: Cursing or blessing Israel.