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The Coming Holocaust


This powerful e-book will inform you, shock you, amaze you and give you wonderful encouragement in these days.

These events are about to unfold on the world stage, the Middle East and in Israel. This is like a giant play, enough to put a thousand Shakespeare's to shame...except this is no play! In fact it's already starting to unfold.

This book is full of incredible revelation.

The book reveals many amazing repeating patterns and shows just why the coming holocaust is inevitable.

You will be involved, if only by opinion!

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G. Zunckel:

Dear Joel, A really huge thank you for your book! I have read through it – its real and gripping!! I have found myself re-reading chapter after chapter. I follow your belief and Holy Spirit inspired words. Wow what a wake-up call to the world and the church in general.

B. Currie:

Shalom Joel. Your book blew me away.   I loved the way you dovetailed everything. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the book because it’s straight truth. As you kept on saying the Jews did nothing to deserve this favour of God and yet people despise them even though it’s not their choice. I am saying that they are God's people and we had better love them! I enjoyed the history and the meaning of words. Highly recommended was the way you supported your statements with Scripture.   A sterling work!

J. Pasma:

I have read your book and have learned a few things that I did not know before. This book should be read by every truly born-again saint of God, if for no other reason than to strengthen belief in Israel's right to their God-given land and God-given promises. Please keep on writing the Prophetic Scroll. After I read the "the interviews” section, I was shocked by comments from people who claimed to be believers, even more so by those who said they were pastors.


Joanne Smith (Ringwood, NJ, USA)   9/11/12

The Coming Holocaust is much like reading the book of Isaiah; it is a mind-boggling compilation of every book of the Bible purposefully pointing toward the Messianic age. That said, you can read this book and read your newspaper headlines almost side by side with the incomparable benefits of Mr. Joseph’s scholarly expository skill and his exhaustive investigation of the historical roots of just about any major player on the world stage.

Ever mindful of the title of this book, Mr. Joseph zooms in and out of the patterns and parallels throughout history that foreshadow the final battle for human souls that will result in a holocaust of unprecedented proportion and climax in a real-time Valley of Decision. He emphasizes that every single person alive is brought to reveal his/her decision if by nothing more than one’s opinion. As he explains,

“In this day, you must know and understand these things, otherwise you’re

in infinitely more danger than you can imagine. If you don’t understand what

is about to unfold, you’re in danger of being swept away in a tidal wave of

Satanic influence, opinion and intent. These very issues will lead a great

many people into hell.”

The most important changes I made after reading The Coming Holocaust are two unwavering decisions which I now can explain clearly. My first is to recognize that God’s roadmap to peace is not up to man nor can it be. It has always been up to God. It is the cross of Christ. And it is none other than this same Yeshua who will fully answer the cries of His Jewish people and similarly enable their recognition of Him. The true Messiah says “My peace I give to you; not as the world gives”. My other decision honors the eternal covenant with Israel as divine and not open to human revision. Again, here is the clearest explanation ever given to me:

“The very essence of all sin, is the doubting or denial of God’s word,

will and ways. God has made an eternal covenant with Israel. So what

does the modern world do? It says, ‘Has God said?’

This will be the very issue of separation and division between the

eternal purposes of the living God and the short-term doomed purposes of

Satan himself. You will go with one or the other, believe it or like it or not!”

(Joel Joseph, p5)

The best description I can give this body of work is that of a compass needle that will reliably point true North no matter who you are, where you stand, what clouds your visibility and above all how lost you‘ve become.


Nature Environment Wilderness and animals in prophecy

It covers much that is truly wonderful, some material that is frightening and much that is little or completely unknown in modern times.

This book will inform you, amaze you, shock you and give you great comfort.

In this book I’ve covered many exciting issues from stewardship of nature, to environment and health, to terrible man-made tragedies.

I’ve covered the interesting subject: “Do pets go to heaven?” and some indictments on hunters and Christian hunters in particular

I’ve covered the full circle of the perfect pre-Adamic creation, through the fall of man and curse on nature, to the liberation of nature and its complete return to perfection.

I’ve looked into “Glimpses of the future” and the terrible regret of the unsaved.

The book ends off with a collection of my own photographs and art works.

Be very sure of one thing; this book will move you!

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This ministry has a distinct kingdom vision, identifying with God’s call and plan for Israel and the church. My position is pre-trib! I was saved in 1976 while working as a war correspondent, journalist, photographer, artist and environmentalist. My calling is to share with you the great end-time dramas, to stand as a watchman and above all, to glorify my God.

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Next Edition, Lord willing: "Censoring God"

   a prophetic news2 

  • Turkey has allied herself militarily with Libya in the last few days. This echoes the war dubbed WW111 of Ezekiel 38 & 39.
  • Ongoing troubles in the US and many other nations are causing large numbers of Jews to make enquiries about returning to Israel. (When the Lion roars, His children will return, trembling from the West (Hosea 11:10)
  • Israel launches attack on Hamas in response to their rocket attack on Israel. Israel launches new spy satellite. Israel launches attack on Iranian bases in Syria. “Mystery” explosions continue in Iran.
  • Bubonic plague identified in China.

a Important verses2

These will change on Sundays or as the Lord leads.

This verse, below was given to me by our Lord in December last year to give to you as the crowning verse for 2020. This was just before the corona-virus became a world pandemic:

The heading is, “Babylon humiliated.” End-time Babylon is the modern world system:

Isaiah 47:10-11 “You have trusted in your wickedness. You have said, ‘No one sees me.’ Your wisdom and your knowledge have warped you; You have said in your heart,  ‘I am, and there is no one besides me.’ Therefore evil shall come upon you and you shall not know from where it arises, and trouble shall fall upon you. You will not be able to put it off, and desolation shall come upon you suddenly.”


Psalm 47:5 “God has gone up with a shout, the Lord with the sound of a trumpet.”

Psalm 17:15 “As for me, I will see Your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.”

Psalm50:5 “Gather My saints together to Me, those who have made a covenant with Me by sacrifice.”

Isaiah 26:19 “Your dead shall live; together with my dead body they shall arise. Awake and sing, you who dwell in the dust; for your dew is like the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead.”

a Sabbath Report2Shabbat (Sabbath) begins on Fridays at 6pm and ends on Saturdays at 6pm. The purpose of this report is to help the church and Israel become reconciled in Messiah. 

10th July 2020

Shabbat Shalom to all!

Dreams visions and watching:

Truth stands and endures – forever.

The biggest priority of life is getting right with God after your initial salvation. It takes all your life, but what a wonderful life it is!

More and more you should be feeling that you don’t belong in this world – how right you will be, and how right with God you will be. (1 John 5:4)

The uncorrupted, pure word of God inspired and led by the Holy Spirit is the believer’s prime source of spiritual food.

Other helpers include the work of the watchman, dreams and visions.

This is the final countdown! All these things are of critical importance now.


The office of the watchman is a unique high calling of the Lord. There are numerous qualifications and prerequisites, least of which is being right all the time. Of course you can be wrong regularly, but then you’re not a watchman of the Lord, you are a self- opinionated speculator.

Being right in watching and what you see is a prerequisite of your track record.

Other qualifications are: The application of the cross and being humble before God, with pride destroyed. Being Spirit filled and operating in the revelatory gifts of the Spirit. Not being a novice, and being extremely well versed in the Bible.

There are some so-called watchmen out there, who are purely self-seekers, using the office for their personal exaltation. They always talk about themselves and have an air of pride about them.

Job 27:18 “The watchman has a house made like a moth.” (Full of holes to see out of. It’s not permanent either, as he moves on to watch from other locales.)

Jeremiah 51:12 “Set up a standard on the walls of Babylon (end-time world) and make the guard strong. Set up the watchmen and prepare the ambushes, for the Lord has both devised and done what He spoke against the inhabitants of Babylon.”

If you kick God out of society, you are not left with a vacuum or a godless society. You end up ruled by the god of this world. Satan comes in like an unrestrained flood. Things end up seven times worse.” (Luke 11:26)

A nation under God includes the Godly institutions of authority and their laws.

The law of the land has the authority of God behind it. The law of self-will has the authority of Satan-filled self behind it. The law of the jungle has the law of apes behind it. This is where the world is!

The world is being led by the blind, declaring “I am,” and “Me now” and “Has God said.”

But they are soon going to run into all the King’s men (and women) and all the King’s horses! The King will declare “I AM and there is none like Me.” and all the King’s horses will say – “Amen.”

Dreams and visions:

forest mist eye8

Dreams and visions can take many forms. They may contain a personal message or a corporate message for the larger body of Messiah. They may contain a teaching snippet, a warning of things to come or an encouragement.

Dreams and visions are very much part of the unfolding of these end times. Spirits, both of God and the devil are and will use dreams. Discernment is needed like never before.

Personally, I’ve had dreams from the Lord about deep tranquillity and glorious peace, with numerous strange looking animals around and indescribable sounds. I’ve had many dreams that would get me committed to the Looney bin if I mentioned them.

I have also had a few very short encounters or incidents where I was awakened suddenly in the early hours with a dramatic loud trumpet blast and on another occasion, my name being called, and on another occasion, the sound of a loud alarm going off. None of these had any natural explanation.

These all had timely meanings for me. There are very many teachers out there with deep personality problems of insecurity, who use things like dreams and visions to create manipulation to give themselves the self-importance they look for. “Buyer beware!”

A vivid dream can be a powerful thing in your life. It can create a ‘reality’ that only dreams are made of! You can and should pray often for the Lord to give you godly dreams that are meaningful or even prophetic. As said, be discerning.

It is important to identify what is from God, and what is the normal rambling of a dream.

Dreams are always subjective and secondary to the written word. If not, reject them.

Be careful of the 100% ers! These are the people who put out a video and tell you with great glee that their dream or vision is 100% of the Lord. The moment you encounter the 100% crowd, know that it is 100% not of God. I recall dozens of 100% ers “confirming through a dream or vision, the hogwash of the Revelation 12-sign teachers! Apart from forever discrediting themselves, they caused enormous damage to body of Messiah and the word of prophecy.

 I have never known one single dream or vision claimed to be 100% of the Lord, from anyone, that has come to pass – not one! They are manipulators.

Be careful also of the “God told me with an audible voice,” crowd – lairs all!

When it comes to anyone claiming to be a watchman or with regular dreams, visions, you can easily identify if he is called of the Lord by his track record.

Two important dreams / visions:

1) There is a video doing the rounds at the moment from Pastor Dana Corverstone, of three shocking dreams he had, which seemed to describe various events of the tribulation period, to occur within the next few months. His dreams seem to be genuine.

He did however exclude the rapture from the dreams and anything to do with Israel, which is central to prophecy. For this reason alone, I would be careful of putting too much weight on it. So what I have done is put it all on the shelf – and we will see!

Nonetheless there is severe, timely warning to the world in his dreams.

2) There is an Israeli Jew known only as Daniel, who has regular dreams about spiritual things. He reports on his latest dream with great urgency to the whole of Israel, though various media. He appeals, begs and pleads for the Jews of the world to return urgently to Israel, because those host nations are about to “explode.”

Here is the tragic drama: He says to all Jews – “Come home, Messiah is here already and He is waiting, but God will not give Him the sign to be revealed yet. He says that Jews living in America are preventing the revealing of Messiah, until they come home.”

If you see Messiah on the ground anywhere in Israel, you are seeing the antichrist! The true Messiah comes to the ground at the Second Advent, seven years from His coming in the air at the rapture.

So this dream and vision is setting people up to receive the antichrist!

Do you see how dangerous a dream / vision can be?

Don’t be led by dreams. Be led by the Spirit of God. Dreams are confirmers with few being primary messages from the Lord.

As we move forward into this darkening spiritual night let me again assure you that the purpose of The Prophetic Scroll is to inform your head, fill your heart, warn you, and warm you to God. It is to help you grow and be stable, so that you may be presented blameless to God. It is to support and back up the many ministries serving our Lord excellently. It is to identify frauds, fakes, flakes and counterfeits. It is to reveal with revelation, the glories that lie before us.

Isaiah 21:6 “...Go set a watchman, let him declare what he sees.”

Luke 12:36-37 “You yourselves (Israel) be like men who wait (watch) for their master, when He will return from the wedding, that when He comes and knocks, they may open to Him immediately. Blessed are those servants, whom the master, when he comes will find watching...”

Who is this returning from a wedding, and what wedding? Who are the people to whom He is retuning? The return after the wedding (where the church becomes the bride of Messiah) is at the Second Coming and the return is for the tribulation saints!

† Shalom...Joel.


Edition 60.  20th November 2010

In this edition:

●God's plan for the church.



God's plan for the church:

This edition must be read with the previous edition "Satan's plan for the church.

In the last edition we looked at Satan's plan for the church revealed miraculously in many portions of the scriptures.

Now we come to God's plan for the church and it's no surprise that there are just as many amazing prophecies showing God's plan of victory for His church. But it will only be for a part of the church.

But first let's discuss briefly some foundational issues.

The true church of God can't be joined. No one ever has or ever will join it. You can only be born into it. The new birth may come in various ways, just like a natural birth, but the end result is recreation and regeneration. This means that your spirit is re-created, born anew and God Himself comes to live in you by His Spirit. The soul (mind) is renewed bit by bit, but there is no such thing in terms of spirit rebirth. It occurs at a point in time and place after a conscious decision.

The new birth will be evident by a new inner leading away from old things and into many new things. The main evidence of the new birth will be a new love for our Messiah and His word. You will be led from being a self-centred person to a God-centred and other people-centred person.

As soon as humanly possible after the new birth, you need to be baptised in water and then in the Spirit.

So the foundation pillars are: New birth, adult water baptism, and Spirit baptism. God builds upon this foundation using the tools of His word, the Bible and His word by the inner voice or leading. Study, prayer and fasting are foundational in our journey.

God leads us to know Him and to know His pure doctrine. We are born into God's family, the church. The original word for church is "ekklesia" meaning "called out ones." We are called out of the kingdom of this world and into His glorious kingdom. The more we discover the true God and His glory, the more we want to share Him. Until you know God deeply you will not find your place in the Kingdom and while this is so, you will always be uncomfortable, like a jigsaw piece out of place.

If you set out to seek the Lord without abandoning self-will, sin and the ways of the world, you will not find Him. You will find the imposter.

Truth is not correct doctrine. It is correct doctrine with the inward enlightenment of the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can give true sight and lead you into all truth.

Gods building plan is exact, precise and with no variables. This can be demonstrated in the fact that everything that God commanded his servants to build was according to exact dimensions. From the Ark of Noah to the Ark of the covenant, to the Tabernacle of Moses and to the Temple in Jerusalem.

There are no churches in a city, only the church. No church leader has the authority to tell anyone that they are not part of their church. If you are born again you automatically belong to the church universal and the local church. God's requirement for all believers is for them to mature in the things of God, His way and that is through complete abandonment to Him. The mark of the modern church is shallowness and mixture of truth and error.

The seven letters to the churches in the Revelation are His assessment of the church. They were historic churches, but because this is a book of prophecy, these letters have a prophetic application as well.

Four of the churches are mixed with condemnation and commendation from God. One (Laodicea) is only condemned, while one (Philadelphia) is only commended. Both Philadelphia and Laodicea relate to end-time churches.

Let's now have a look at Philadelphia, which shows a powerful, victorious, and successful church.

The church at Philadelphia.


The original word Philadelphia means "brotherly love"

The letter to this church begins with our Lord identifying Himself as "He who is holy and true" (Revelation 3:7) This church is associated with holiness and truth. It goes on to say that "He has the key of David" In Isaiah 22:21 the key of David is identified as those "who are a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the house of Judah." This is a clear indication that those in this church are Messianic believers who have a vision and passion for God's final work with Jerusalem and the Jews. This also represents the Davidic Messiah, referring to the Hebraic slant within the Messianic community. This is not those in replacement theology at all!

The key of David also relates to the fact that David was a man after God's heart. He had a heart sold out on the Lord even though he was not perfect.

The "key of David opens what no man can shut and shuts what no man can open". This speaks of Godly authority on the one hand and evangelism or missionary work on the other.

In history this church was being attacked by traditional Rabbinic Jews. This letter refers to these Jews as those "of the synagogue of Satan." The "door" referred to here is to this church and not to the Christ rejecting synagogue! The unsaved legalistic, Rabbinic Jews still come strongly against the Messianic Jews today just as they did in history. (See the video by Jacob Damkani, a friend of mine, in the videos section.) Verse 9 speaks of the fact that these unsaved Jews will eventually "bow down and worship before your feet and know that I have loved you." In the tribulation period untold masses of Jews will be saved.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this church is the amazing and powerful promise from God in verse 10 that they "will be kept from the hour of tribulation that comes upon the whole world to test them."

The hour of trial is a reference to the seven year tribulation period that will come upon the whole world.

The original word used for "keep from the hour" is the Greek word 'ek' which means; "clean out away from". This church will not go through the tribulation.

Interestingly the Bible says in verse 12 of these people "He that overcomes, I will make a pillar in the temple of My God..." and here in the picture below, we see the remains of the original church at Philadelphia (in Turkey) and what remains is two enormous strong pillars


In verse 11 and 12 the believers within this church are rewarded with a crown and three names are written on them: "I will write on Him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God the new Jerusalem and I will write on Him My new name." In the Old Testament, the Lord told the priests to pronounce a specific series of blessings on the Israel, which concluded with this thought: Numbers 6:27 "So they shall put My name on the children of Israel and I will bless them."

Again we see that this church is associated with Israel and the Jews. In other words this church has a Messianic slant.

The message to the church of Philadelphia in the Revelation is powerful indeed. It has absolutely no similarity at all to the churches of Thyatira and Laodicea, which fit the orthodox churches and denominational churches. See previous edition.

The churches around the world that can be identified within this Philadelphian letter are the ones who follow God's plan. This is the true "glorious church" It is distinctly different in many respects from the others.

With so much division, controversy, confusion, deception and error in the church today, isn't it just so good to see that God has a plan of victory cutting through all the confusion for those that chose to go His way. He knew it would be this way as revealed in the seven letters.

The Abrahamic expression of faith:


This is Gods will and plan for true believers.

In a nutshell the Abrahamic expression is simply- to the Jew and Gentile. Abraham was the father of many nations and the father of the linage Isaac-Jacob- Israel- the Jews. This expression is not to the Jew and it is not to the Gentile. It is to both rightly applied and expressed. The Messianic movement today is God's final work. It is still in its infancy, so it has adjustments to make alone the way. Some go overboard and into excess with things relating to the Jew. These are people with the disease called Israelitis. Others believers centre only on the Gentile expression.

That said the true Messianic, Abrahamic expression will always have a Hebraic character to it. It will have none of the occult-founded traditions of the church within it.

The Abrahamic expression of faith will have nothing within it that is foreign to the Jew or that would be a stumbling block for them coming to faith in Messiah, besides the Messiah Himself. Our Messiah is the stumbling block for the Jews as revealed in the Bible, but this is temporary. The church has created and placed many other stumbling blocks in the way of the Jew.

The big thing is that the flavour and character of the church in all its ways needs to be welcoming and inviting to the to the Jew. Our Lord returns in relation to the salvation of the Jews.

The Abrahamic expression of faith does not only affirm what is true, it rejects what is false.

The Bible declares that when the "times of the Gentiles are fulfilled, then all Israel will be saved, then the Second Coming comes about and completes the picture. (Luke 21:24)

(See edition 47 "What is a Messianic believer" for more.)

The Hebraic character of the true church:

●This has nothing at all to do with coming under the law. Judaising the Gentiles was the controversy of Act 15, Galatians and a few others. This was essentially the erroneous belief that Gentiles had to obey the law of Moses, become circumcised and the like to be saved. Galatians 2:14-16 "...Why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews?...knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ..."  Salvation is by faith alone, but there is also no justification for turning the church into what it has become.

●On the same line of thought I am in no way suggesting that only Messianic believers are saved. The murderer on the cross next to Yeshua / Jesus, was promised salvation by our Lord on his simple one sentence expression of faith. Revelation 2:24 speaking of the church at Thyatira, which is a clear reference to the Catholic church says this: "As many as do not have this doctrine and who have not known the depths of Satan, I will put on you no other burden. Hold fast what you have till I come." This verse indicates that even these individuals within the Catholic church will be saved. But note the condition.

●I am in no way deciding who is saved or not. My aim is to present the truth and to warn of error. Salvation is up to our Lord alone.

Today the church has a Hellenistic flavour which has filtered in. This has been mixed with Roman, Babylonian and Egyptian occult practises that the Catholic church has refined and adopted.

Revelation 17:1-6 Is a clear reference to the Catholic church and the abominations it has introduced to the church. It is called a "great harlot, arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones". She is called "Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and the abominations of the earth". She is said to be "drunk on the blood of the saints and with the blood of the martyrs."

The true church is reflected here:

Revelation 14:12 "Here is the patience of the saints, here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."

Our faith includes keeping the word of God, which must include rejecting the word of the imposter. When we return to the true undefiled word of God we will stand out from the traditional masses, who blindly follow their poisonous traditions without question. The truth will always have a Hebraic character.

The Sabbath:

It is a fallacy that we are to keep nine of the ten commandments. Where does it say that we are released for Sabbath observance? Jesus fulfilled the law, not did away with it. If stealing or murder is not a good idea because it's part of God's law, the who gave permission to remove the Sabbath? Yes the Sabbath does not need to be kept in a ritualistic manner full of don'ts, but it is a day to be "remembered" and kept "holy" .

The early church did meet on a Sunday, but they also kept the Saturday Sabbath. You can have meetings any day you like, but there is no precedent for changing or ignoring the Sabbath.

Both Jews and Gentiles were praised by God for keeping the Sabbath and the prophets predicted a time when the Gentiles would keep the Sabbath! (Isaiah 66:23; Ezekiel 44:24; 46:3-4)

Sabbath observance and identification (not legalistically) will mark and separate believers from those who blindly follow the satanic traditions of the world without question. Ezekiel 20:12 "Moreover I gave them My Sabbaths, to be a sign (mark) between Me and them and that they might know that I am the Lord who sanctifies them."

There are currently huge numbers of Christians returning to Sabbath observance. It's an unstoppable work of God.

The seven festivals of the Lord:

1 Corinthians 5:8 " Let us keep the feast, not with the old leaven, nor with the leaven of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth." This is a clear instruction to keep the feats, but to do so in a new way. The "unleavened bread of sincerity and truth" means in holiness and with a sincere heart after the Lord. This would involve having no identification with Easter, eggs, rabbits, Santa, Christmas, Christmas trees and all such occult practices (See the previous edition for more)

Colossians 2:16 "Therefore do not let not anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a new moon celebration or a Sabbath day." This simply means that we are not to come under legalism in doing these things. It does not say we are not to practise them!

2Peter 1:12 "Be established in the present truth" The present truth is a reference to the New Testament epistles. Of course we need to know the Old Testament, and much in it is perfectly relevant, but we need to be "established "or centred in the New. At Pentecost much changed.

Traditional Christians who won't give up worshipping the devil (Christmas, Easter etc) in the not too distant future will forsake occult traditions and engage in the practise of the Feasts of the Lord! My question is if this will be the case then, why not now? Zechariah 14:16 "It shall come to pass that everyone who is left of all those who came against Jerusalem, shall go up from year to year to worship the King, the Lord of hosts and to keep the Feast of Tabernacles."

We as believers should have no part in the pagan traditions of the church. We should participate and identify with the seven feasts of the Lord.

Separation is not a politically correct word. I think you know what I think of political correctness! Separation is what is needed big time in these days! Separating yourself in pride is wrong, but being separate from the ways of the world unto God and His ways, will endear you to Him. Yes you may stand out from the crowd, but it's good to remember that the crowd is on the road to a Christ-less eternity!

I know many who have changed their ways and are now following the Lord in this new way. They all say that it is thrilling and liberating.

Gods plan in church government:

The previous edition is titled "Satan's plan for the church." God's plan is pretty much the exact opposite. Let's have a look at some points:

When you build a new house on the spot where an old exists, you need to break the old one down to build the new. Jeremiah 1:10 "See I have set you over the nations and kingdoms to root out and to pull down, to destroy and throw down, to build and to plant." This can be applied to the fact that the church needs to built on a clear foundation with all the evil traditions and practices of the "nations and kingdoms" of the world pulled down and destroyed.


Leadership in the church is male. Some are thinking "I can't believe he just said that!" Well, I did and here is the reason: The word's 'rabbi' and 'pastor' in their original languages have a gender association to them. They are male words. It's the same as the words mister or miss. They have a gender connotation. On top of this there is no precedent in the scriptures for a female rabbi or pastor. There are references in the Bible to female evangelists or a prophetess, but not pastor.

Today most of the church is powerless to identify and deal with the Jezebel spirit within the church. The Jezebel spirit relates to the usurping of male authority. It is often accompanied by the Ahab spirit, which relates to the submissive male.

Leadership is appointed by God and not some democratic church governing body.

Leaders will not use control measures or insist on being separated above the laity in title or dress.

Leaders will themselves be crucified people, delivering the message of the cross. The leader who does not know suffering for doing right is not fit to lead.

The kingdom of God exists only where the pure, true authority of God is exercised. The leader will be God's ambassador representing truth and God Himself.

No church leader that knows God can ever be sectarian, denominational or compromised with Rome!

The primary duty of the church is to be a bastion of guard and protect it. Whenever the children of Israel departed from truth, the devil charged in. The same was true with the defeat of the early church and the same is true now.

God's leaders will never say things like "doctrine doesn't matter, it's just your heart that matters". That is dangerous hogwash.

Eternal victory, the glorious church


The Bible gives us astounding insights into the future glory that is laid up for His servants.

Let's have a look at a few of them:

The marriage supper of the Lamb is one the beautiful images of the future for God's church. Only His family will be present. Revelation 19:5-21 describes this fantastic event. Verse 7-8 "Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory for the marriage of the Lamb has come and to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints".

The glorious church Ephesians 5:27 Speaks of the fact that our Lord will "present to Himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it will holy and without blemish."

Gold, silver, precious stones, or wood, hay, and stubble...pick your choice! The issue is that what you end up with will be your eternal lot! The Bible views fire hitting a pile of all these things. Only the gold, silver, and stones survive while the rest goes up in a puff of smoke. This is the view, in type, of our eternal reward state. What we did in response to God's plan for our lives will have eternal ramifications!

1 Corinthians 3:12-15 "If anyone builds on this foundation with gold, silver, precious stone, wood, hay, straw, each ones work will become manifest; for the Day will declare it, for it will be revealed by fire and the fire will test each one's work. If anyone's work endures he will be rewarded, but if anyone's work is burned up he will suffer loss, but he himself will be saved as through fire."

God's plan for the true believer is not to give him a better life. It is to liquidate him, and then raise him up to a new life on the far side of the cross. The cross was a once- for- all work achieved by our suffering Messiah, but there is an ongoing work and application of the cross on a daily basis into our lives that is part of God's plan. It is the ongoing work of the cross that separates the old and unclean for the new and holy.

God's plan is pure and holy. Holiness for the believer is one of the keys to the presence of God in our lives. As we grow in holiness so we see and understand God more and more. He draws us into His secret place of glory. As this occurs, so the things of the world become dim.

Hebrews 6:1 "...Let us go to perfection, not laying again the foundation..."

Psalm 25:14 "The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him, and He will show them His covenant."

Psalm 31:20 "You shall hide them in the secret place of your presence..."

Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God". This simple little verse is the reason why very few people in this day will "know God" The world today is the exact opposite of stillness in all its ways! Outward silence and stillness leads to inner clam.

Hosea 2:14 "I will lead her into solitude and there speak to her heart."


The Bible speaks a lot about the "many" and the "few". Unfortunately it is always the many who go the way of the world and the few who go the way of our Lord. Thankfully there will be a large number in pursuit of God and His ways, but there will also be a bigger number who will go the way of the world.

In the face of increasingly "perilous times" God has His kids growing in glory as they go His way and follow His plan. What an incredible almost unimaginable shock it will be for many when they stand before God in judgement and find out that He had a wonderful plan for them all along and they ignored it, following Satan's plan! Imagine the horror that many church leaders will experience when they find out that their church is not in God's plan!

The Messianic movement, embracing the Abrahamic expression of faith with Hebraic influence, always has been and still is God's plan for the church.

Of course true believers of other persuasions are saved, as salvation is by faith alone, but they are on a dangerous journey now.

Do you want to have God's best for you now and into eternity? Do you, dear reader, want to press on into deeper realms of glory? Do you want to know Him more deeply and be known by Him? You were created for just this purpose, don't let it slip by.

Only the true pure church with a kingdom vision, following God's plan is unshakeable.

Hebrews 12:25-29 "See that you do not refuse Him who speaks, for if they did not escape, who refused Him who spoke on earth, much more shall we not escape if we turn away from Him who speaks from heaven, whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised saying, yet once more I shake not only the earth but heaven also. Now this "Yet once more" indicates the removal of the things that are being shaken, that the things that cannot be shaken may remain. Therefore since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace with reverence and fear. For our God is a consuming fire."

Proverbs 28:14 "Blessed (and joyful) is the man who fears always." It is through fearing God always in an attitude of humility and reverence that we become equipped to progress onwards to perfection in the beauty of holiness.

God's plan is holy and for us requires holiness. He demands holiness. It is beautiful...supremely beauty!

Isaiah 57:15 "For thus says the High and Lofty One who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy, I dwell in the high and holy place with him who has a contrite and humble spirit. To revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart of the contrite ones." Holiness and humility are twins. Pride denies God's holiness and says effectively that you are the big deal!

1 Peter 1:15 "Be holy for I am holy." If God demands something He makes provision for it, but it's not automatic, it must be sought. His provision is in His word.  Holiness corresponds to natural beauty.

Psalm 93:5 "Your testimonies are very sure; holiness adorns your house o Lord forever."

Psalm 96:9 " O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! Tremble before Him all the earth."

Psalm110:3 "Your people shall be volunteers in the day of Your power; In the beauty of holiness from the womb of the morning. You have the dew of Your youth."

Our human minds can't even begin to imagine the eternal glory that is laid up for us.(2 Corinthians 4:17) Isn't that just amazing!

God gives us glimpses of the future, it is dramatic, terrifying and frightening for many and full of wonder, majesty and glory for all those that are His.


Deuteronomy 30:19  "I call heaven and earth as a witness against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing therefore chose life."

Psalm 140:13 "Surely the righteous shall give thanks to your name. The upright shall dwell in Your presence."

Jeremiah 29:13-14 "And you will seek Me and find Me when you seek for Me with all of your heart. I will be found by you says the Lord and bring you back from your captivity..."

Job 11:6 "O that He would show me the secrets of wisdom..."

1 Corinthians 2:7-16 "We speak the wisdom of God in a  mystery, the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the of the ages for our glory...Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him. God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches the deep things of God."

Heaven or hell:

Hi Mom...long time no see. As you died many years ago, I proclaimed that we would meet again! I vividly recall driving away from the hospital and seeing multiple cloud formations that looked just like a city in the sky. As I got home I opened my Bible and the page that fell open was all about the New Jerusalem. You spent your life as a dedicated believer in our Messiah. You taught in a Hebrew nursery school and in a Sunday school. You laid an excellent foundation for yourself and for us kids. You had an amazing love for the Jews for which you were greatly respected in the community You led the way in the Abrahamic expression of faith. Thank you mom!


My first girlfriend, the Jewish kid from across the road, my mom taught you in nursery school. You were well taught in all things Jewish. Later you did come to believe in Messiah, but what has happened since? You've lost your way! The idols of this world have led you astray. My friend, our Lord still holds out His nail scarred hands to you with the offer of mercy. Will you return to Him? I loved you a lot, still do as a special friend, but our great Messiah loves you so much more than you can ever imagine. Heaven or hell is set before you...please make the right choice!



The is a painting by Rembrandt representing the fury of Moses after being given the ten commandments by God. He returned from the mountain only to discover that the people had retreated into idol worship. The story is no different today. God has give us a lot more than the ten commandments and the world largely ignores it all. But they do worship the devil alright.


Kind regards and many blessings...Shalom and grow in grace!


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•Edition190: The rapture demystified and clarified

•Edition189: The prophetic Scroll's vision and calling

•Edition188: The earth in danger

•Edition187: Coming judgements

•Edition186: The end is at hand!

•Edition185: The history and future of the church .

•Edition184: The grand end-time summary.

•Edition183: Signs and you.

•Edition182: Humanism, the curse of the last days.

•Edition181: What is coming upon Israel.

•Edition180: Worlds apart.

•Edition179: A dangerous corrupt world

•Edition178: What must still be fulfilled.

•Edition177: How to prepare for the days ahead

•Edition176: Great end-time enemies.

•Edition175: Rapture revelations.

•Edition174: The Peace talks bring the wrath of God.

•Edition173: How long O Lord?

•Edition172: Why the coming judgments?

•Edition171: The stones and the skies will cry out.

•Edition170: The prophetic future of the church.

•Edition169: The miracles of the cross.

•Edition168: Peace for today.

•Edition167: Timing, temples and the destruction of the US

•Edition166: Check Lists

•Edition165: The Media.

•Edition164: Turkey in prophecy.

•Edition163: Judgments.

•Edition162: A tale of two churches. Part 2

•Edition161: A tale of two churches. Part 1

•Edition160: Dates, times, seasons, syria and surroundings.

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•Edition149: Timing: What we can and can't know.

•Edition148: The fruits of truth.

•Edition147: Revisiting the rapture.

•Edition146: Amazing messages in colour and number.

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•Edition144: Review of the Prophetic Scroll and what's ahead.

•Edition143: The religions of the last days.

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•Edition141: The demise of the peace treaties and the new big one.

•Edition140: What's next in prophecy?

•Edition139: The salvation of the Jews.

•Edition138: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey in prophecy

•Edition137: Beware...another Christ arising.

•Edition136: Deep calls unto deep.

•Edition135: So you want to live for yourself?

•Edition134: The Feast of Trumpets.

•Edition133: The importance od Pentecost.

•Edition132: In the world but not of it.

•Edition131: The coming big triple economic catastrophe.

•Edition130: The coming holocaust.

•Edition129: Dispensations again.

•Edition128: Enemies of Bible prophecy.

•Edition127: Refuting the post-tribulation rapture position.

•Edition126: Kingdoms in conflict

•Edition125: The curse of ignoraance in this day.

•Edition124: A horrifying economic disaster is coming.

•Edition123: The roots of the church.

•Edition122: Maturing in Messiah.

•Edition121: The prophetic importance of the days of Noah and Lot.

•Edition120: The USA in prophecy. 

•Edition119: Are the days numbered for the church? 

•Edition118: Whom shall I send?

•Edition117: Why are great catastrophes coming?

•Edition116: Your journey to perfection reflected in the feasts.

•Edition115: Easter the sign of Satan, Passover the sign of God. 

•Edition114: The David and Goliath prophetic parallel. 

•Edition113: The Blueprint for the church. 

•Edition112: Walking in peace in perilous times.

•Edition111: (3 of 3) Overcoming the demonic. 

•Edition110: Overcoming the flesh (2 of 3)

•Edition109 Overcoming the world (1 of 3) 

•Edition108: The cursed Interfaith movement.

•Edition107: Who is a believer? 

•Edition106: How the church hinders the Jews from salvation.

•Edition105: Love or truth or both.

•Edition104: Turning curses into blessing. 

•Edition103: Right and wrong interpretation and the consequenses.

•Edition102: The world it's end and new beginning. 

•Edition101: The Lamb and Lion of God. 

•Edition100: The tragedy of a failed church. 

•Edition099: Iran and Syria in prophecy.

•Edition098: The sequence of events to come. 

•Edition097: The Lord's watchmen.

•Edition096: Holiness. 

•Edition095: Nations in darkness and nations in light. 

•Edition094: Where are we now in prophecy?

•Edition093: Is this it?

•Edition092: Palestinian statehood news and the peace treaty. 

•Edition091: What the Bible says about Palestinian statehood.

•Edition090: The path to eternal glory. 

•Edition089: Pre, mid or post tribulation rapture. 

•Edition088: All the signs. 

•Edition087: Deliverance and Destruction.

•Edition086: Signs in the sky.

•Edition085: Time is short-very short! 

•Edition084: How, when and why will te Jews be saved.

•Edition083: Counselling believers in perilous times. 

•Edition082: Identifying prophetic Babylon. 

•Edition081: Christian mass murderers. 

•Edition080: The deeper glorious Christian life. 

•Edition079: False prophets of today. 

•Edition078: The counterfiet church. 

•Edition077: The blindness created by traditionalism. 

•Edition076: Too many voices. 

•Edition075: Israelitis the disease. 

•Edition074: The identity of the nations in World War Three.  

•Edition073: The soon coming paradise and who will be there. 

•Edition072: I will shake all things. 

•Edition071: The writing on the wall for today. Plans for new temple. 

•Edition070: The importance of the number 70 (news: Egypt in prophecy) 

•Edition069: Wise words of old (part 3) 

•Edition068: The shocking roots and effects of replacement theology. 

•Edition067: Jezebel in the church. 

•Edition066: The horros of Christmas. 

•Edition065: The great restoration. 

•Edition064: Why the unsaved are unsaved. 

•Edition063: Review of The Prophetic Scroll. 

•Edition062: God's plan for the world. 

•Edition061: Satan's plan for the world. 

•Edition060: God's plan for the church. 

•Edition059: Satan's plan for the church. 

•Edition058: Summary of pointers to Lord's coming from all editions. 

•Edition057: Dramatic News church turns against Israel. 

•Edition056: The me-now generation. 

•Edition055: Safety in the coming storms. 

•Edition054: Spiritual blindness. 

•Edition053: The dispensation debate. 

•Edition052: Coming world famine. 

•Edition051: The Centrality of the cross. 

•Edition050: Important Day The peace talks begin. 

•Edition049: The church in mortal danger. 

•Edition048: The rapture and second coming compared. 

•Edition047: What is a Messianic believer? 

•Edition046: Truth and error. 

•Edition045: Secret keys to spiritual victory.

•Edition044: The importance of prophecy. 

•Edition043: Miraculous Israel. 

•Edition042: The antichrist. 

•Edition041: When is Jesus coming (the main views) 

•Edition040: Wise words of old (part 2) 

•Edition039: Coming world economic meltdown. 

•Edition038: The Kingdom of God. 

•Edition037: Glory to glory (pre-adamic to the millennium and beyond) 

•Edition036: The Sabbath Day. 

•Edition035: The Nostradamus deception. 

•Edition034: Sects and Cults. 

•Edition033: Pointers towards the coming of the Lord. 

•Edition032: Daniel's 70 weeks. 

•Edition031: The power of the cross and the power of humanism. 

•Edition030: Dark days are coming glorious days are coming 

•Edition029: The greatest reunion ever. 

•Edition028: Startling prophecies still to be fulfilled. 

•Edition027: Fulfilled Prophecy. 

•Edition026: The dangers of replacement theology for Israel. 

•Edition025: The power of testimony in perilous times. 

•Edition024: Preparing yourself for the Messiah. 

•Edition023: The power of the media. 

•Edition022: Coming cataclysmic catastrophes and global calm. 

•Edition021: The damage done to the Jews by Christian traditions. 

•Edition020: Coming great deceptions. 

•Edition019: Dry bones lead to World War Three. 

•Edition018: Three paths to world peace. 

•Edition017: Wise words of old.

•Edition016: The Arabs and Palestinians in prophecy / The coming salvation of Arabs. 

•Edition015: The coming new world order. 

•Edition014: To judge or not to judge. 

•Edition013: Hell / number in scripture. 

•Edition012: The glory to be revealed. 

•Edition011: The seven churches of the Revelation - glory and horror! 

•Edition010: The rapture. 

•Edition009: The soon coming of our Lord. 

•Edition008: Choosing a church. The emergent church shock. 

•Edition007: The great apostasy of the church and coming salvation of the Jews. 

•Edition006: Syria arising. 

•Edition005: Coming of the new Temple on the Temple Mount. 

•Edition004: World watch. 

•Edition003: The Gabriel Stone.  (Not available)

•Edition002: Interpretation of scripture.  (Not available)

•Edition001: Launch and outline.  (Not available)